DoIT Incident Handling Procedures

  1. Detection

    • User notifies DoIT upon discovery of potential incident
    • DoIT confirms the incident
    • DoIT classifies the incident ad High-Risk or Low-Risk and documents what has happened
    • Communicates with Management as appropriate on what is going on
  2. Containment

    • Take steps needed to prevent incident from spreading
    • Document Containment steps
  3. Remediation

    • Determine incident cause based on the information gathered during the detection process
    • Determine how the attack was executed
    • Remove the threat
    • Perform a vulnerability assessment and remediate the vulnerability
    • Return the system to a trusted state
  4. Resolution

    • Check the system for any changes from the original state of the system
    • Test the system functionality for production
    • Restore system to production.
    • Monitor the system for any further incidents
  5. Closure

    • Complete report on incident to management and incident staff.

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