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Federal Work Study Program

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program provides part-time, on campus and off campus (community-based) employment, to students with financial need. FWS employment may be awarded to undergraduate students during periods of enrollment.


This award, usually made to students in combination with other forms of financial aid, enables them to meet their educational expenses without incurring burdensome indebtedness. The program is also intended to broaden the range of job opportunities for qualified students.

Federal Work-Study positions are available for on and off campus employment, as well as community service positions.



FWS awards are as scheduled:

$3,500 annually for freshman students

$4,000 annually for upperclassmen (Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students)

$1,600 for Summer semester only awards (for both on-campus and off-campus employment)


FWS Application Process

Step 1. Apply for Financial Aid

Step 2. In Section Step One (Student), indicate "yes" to Question 31, if interested in Federal Work-Study. FWS funds are awarded on a first-come, first serve basis to students who are eligible for Title IV funds.

Step 3.  Once awarded and FWS contract availability is listed under the Financial Aid requirements via Self-Service Banner, students must report to the Office of Student Financial Aid to complete a Work-Study Packet.

Note: If students are interested in the Federal Work Study Program, but have not been awarded, should visit the Office of Student Financial Aid during registration to speak with the Work Study Coordinator and sign the Work Study interest book. Time period for signing the Work Study book during Registration will be posted within the Office of Student Financial Aid.


FWS Placement

Step 1. Students must meet with Work Study Coordinator to receive a contract which is signed by both the student and supervisor. Students may not work until the Work Study Coordinator has approved and signed off on the student’s contract.

Step 2. All participants must provide two forms of documents which establish identity and employment eligibility. These forms include, a valid state identification card or driver’s license, social security, birth certificate, or military identification.

Step 3. Federal Work-Study earnings are taxable income, therefore, students must complete the I-9, L-4, and W-4 forms, provided by the Work Study Coordinator.

Step 4. All participants must visit the Human Resources page and view the Web-Time Entry Training Video for College Work-Study Students. The students must then download the Student Certification form. The supervisors must download the Web-Time Entry Approval Chain for Students form. The position number for College Work Study is 2S9999-00. The Supervisor (or 1st Level Approver) must be listed, then the Proxy for the Supervisor, and the Department Head (or 2nd Level Approver) must all be listed on this form. The Department Head (or 2nd Level Approver) is the Work Study Coordinator. These forms must be submitted directly to Human Resources for processing.

FWS Assignments

FWS assignments are intended to complement and reinforce educational programs to the maximum extent possible. Students are encouraged to maintain employment positions which can broaden the range of job opportunities.


FWS Payroll

Each FWS student must electronically submit their timesheets and have their supervisor approve their time by 5:00 pm at the end of each working day of the month via the Self-Service Banner account.

This process must be completed efficiently and on-time to ensure payment according to the pay schedule. FWS students working on campus earn $10.00 per hour. FWS students working Off-campus (Community Service Programs) earn $12.00 per hour. Federal Work-Study students are paid monthly on the 15th day of the following month. Student payroll funds are paid via Direct Deposit to the lending institution of their choosing. The Direct Deposit policy and form will be provided by the Work Study Coordinator.


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