The Visual Arts Area


The Visual Arts Area in Frank Hayden Hall at Southern University offers a creative environment for students, faculty, university officials, the local and wider community and visitors to the campus. It provides opportunities to see and learn about the wonderful world of art. Here, Professors teach classes, conduct lectures and present changing art exhibitions in the Visual Arts Gallery.

Each semester, hundreds of students from the many colleges and departments across this vast campus enroll in Arts 200--Understanding the Visual Arts, Arts 400—African American Art and other studio classes that inspire and encourage them to be creative in their fields of study. In this setting they realize the importance of the Visual Arts in the educational process. They receive hands on experience in making and exhibiting works of art and learning about visual artists from around the world.

With creativity as the driving force in education, business and industry, students in Visual Arts classes on this campus develop the type of critical thinking skills needed in this ever-changing world through the study of paintings, sculptures, designs, drawings, photography, architecture as well as the many other forms of art.

Prebles' Artforms, the textbook used for the Understanding the Visual Arts classes at Southern University shows on page 4 that the IBM corporation interviewed 1500 (CEOs) from 60 countries around the world and found that creativity is the most important leadership skill for the successful business of the future. Today, Southern University students and  graduates are in the Boardrooms and Offices of some 40 Fortune 500 Companies across the world where they are surrounded by "Art in the Workspace" as they continue to be inspired to be productive.  


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