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Master of Science Degree in Speech-Language Pathology

Program of Study

Sequence of Courses for Full-time Students with Undergraduate degrees in Speech-Language Pathology

(Effective for students entering Summer/Fall 2012)


First Fall Semester                                                     First Spring Semester

SECD 558 Neurogenic Dis. of Sp./Lang. (3)               SECD 530 Phonological Disorders (3)

                                                                                    SECD 559 Aphasia (3) Preq: SECD 558

SECD 528 Clinical/Diag. Methods (3)                         SECD 610 Seminar in Lang. Dis. (3) Preq: 566

SECD 566 Lang. Disorder/Assess.(3)                         SECD 584 Aug./Alt. Comm. (3)           

SECD 500 Research Methods  (3)                              SECD 567, 568, 569, 571 Adv.Clin.(3*)

SECD 567,568, 569, 571 Adv. Clin. (3)                                                                                               

First Summer Term                                                   

SECD 504 Sociolinguistics (3)                                     SECD 567,568, 569, 571 Adv.Clin. (3)

SECD 528 Clinical/Diag. Methods (3) (as resources permit; seek advisement)

SECD 500 Research Methods (3)  (as resources permit; seek advisement)



Second Fall Semester                                                            Second Spring Semester

SECD 504 Sociolinguistics (3)                                     SECD 672 Seminar in Cleft Palate (3)               

                                                                                     SECD 599 Special Project: PRAXIS Prep**(3)

SECD 667 Dysphagia Preq:  558, 559                        SECD 555 Funct./Organic Voice Dis. (3) Pre: SECD 558, SECD 672)

SECD 599 Special Proj.: PRAXIS Prep(3)**                SECD 567, 568, 569, 571 Adv. Clin. Prac. (3)            
SECD 567, 568, 569,571 Adv. Clin. Prac. (3)

Second Summer Term
(if needed)

Adv. Clinical Practicum SECD 567, 568, 569, or 571

*Prior to enrolling in any Advanced Clinical Practicum, students must complete a minimum of twenty-five documented clinical observation hours.  In addition, a grade of "B" or better must be achieved in a disorder area (SECD 528 (or undergraduate equivalent) 566, 667, 555, 559, 672 and SPAU 460) prior to enrolling  in a related clinic.

**SECD 599 is required only once but may be repeated a second time if necessary.

Pre-requisites to Above Courses

1.      SECD 566 (Pre-req:  Graduate or Undergraduate course in Language Development  with a grade of "B" or better)

2.      SECD 530 (Pre-req:  SPAU 230 Phonetics with grade of "B" or better)

3.      SECD 559 (Pre-req:  SECD 558)

4.      SECD 610 (pre-req:  SECD 566)

5.      SECD 504 (Pre-req:  Graduate or Undergraduate course in Language Development with a grade of "B" or better)

6.      SECD 667 (Pre-req: SECD 558 and SECD 559)

7.      SECD 558,  (Pre-req:   a Graduate or Undergraduate course in anatomy and physiology of the speech/hearing                        mechanism with a grade of "B" or better)

8.      SECD 555 (Pre-req: SECD 558, SECD 672)

9.      SECD 672 (Pre-req:  SECD 558, SECD 559)

The above curriculum presumes that students have had courses in the areas listed below, with a grade of B or better.  If not, they must be taken prior to graduation and may be taken at the graduate or undergraduate level, with a grade of "B" or better in each.

  • Anat./phys. speech/hearing mech. Aural Rehab. (Pre-req: Intro. to Audiology)
  • Stuttering Language development

Students are required to meet regularly with their advisors to develop their schedules in accordance with the semester sequence in this program of study.  When following this sequence, there should be no conflict in scheduling since the department does not offer any two courses at the same time that are required in the same semester of the same year.

NOTE:  Beginning Fall 2013, all students admitted to the master's degree program must have a bachelor's degree in speech-language pathology.  Official transcript verification  of the degree must be provided prior to beginning courses in the graduate program.  If the student has a bachelor's degree in a discipline other than speech-language pathology, the student must complete the requirements for a second bachelor's degree in speech-language pathology and meet all other requirements (including undergraduate GPA) for admission to the graduate program.

See for admission standards to the graduate program and steps for acquiring a second bachelor's degree in speech-language pathology.  Students also must complete the ASHA General Education courses (minimum 3 credits each)in biological sciences, physical sciences, social/behavioral sciences, and statistics with a grade of C or better in each course. These courses usually are met at the undergraduate level.