Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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What to do if sexually assaulted

1. Get to a safe place

2. Contact someone who can help you: a friend, University Counseling Center, your RA, the health clinic and/ or the police. Students should report an incident to the University Police by calling 225-771- 2770 or 911 for an on campus assault; 911 for an off campus assault. Calling 911 will connect you with the Baton Rouge City Police. Police can meet you at a confidential location at your request.

3. Do not shower, drink, eat, smoke, brush your teeth, douche, or change your clothes after the assault. These activities destroy important physical evidence, in the event that you decide to prosecute the assailant. 

4. Get medical attention immediately either at the SU Health Clinic or the nearest hospital emergency room. Students may feel more comfortable with the professional health care staff at the University. They have the training and licensure to perform the exam to assess for physical injuries and to collect the evidence needed in the event you decide to prosecute the assailant. -OR- The police can take you to the hospital or meet you there. A rape crisis advocate from Baton Rouge Rape Crisis Center will meet you there, too. 

5. As soon as you have a quiet moment, write down everything that you remember with as much detail as possible. This will help you with your own healing process, as well as help in any legal action you might decide to take.

6. Remember: the assault was not your fault.