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Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS)


The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree is housed in the College of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies will enable students to develop competencies across a range of disciplines as selected by the students as they prepare for various career tracks. The degree provides a high-quality, comprehensive liberal education that meets the diverse needs of current and future SUBR students. The program is designed to maximize college credit through a cross-disciplinary focus and enable students to combine their previous academic and work experiences in two or three distinct disciplines. Such rigorous integration of knowledge from two or more disciplines allows for faster degree completion than a traditional major requiring many additional hours in one specific field.
The program embraces the opportunity for students to design a course of study that meets their personal and academic objectives and furthers their professional growth. There are five (5) academic concentrations from which a student may select to declare a pathway to a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies; (1) Community and Health Services, (2) Arts Management and Technology, (3) Applied Science and Technology, (4) Global Leadership and International Studies, and (5) Individualized Concentration.
For each pathway candidates must complete forty-three (43) hours of general education requirements, five (5) hours of program requirements, fifty-seven (57) hours of pre-set concentrations. The program consists of a total of one-hundred and twenty (120) credit hours.

Program Concentrations for Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree (BIS)

Community and Human Services:

This concentration focuses on the study and work of family foundations with child care centers and health care for children; enhanced supportive housing and residential programs for the poor, homeless and elderly; operation of community food banks (food pantry); mental health outreach and counseling programs including people with disabilities, drugs and substance abuse and other social services designed to improve clients’ quality of life.  It also focuses on the study of policies and procedures of Community and Human Services Boards; Community Advocacy Programs that connect individuals with housing, employment, behavioral health treatment, education, food, clothing, physical health services, financial assistances and other supportive programs, such as, life skills development and the joy of athletes.




Arts Management and Technology:

This concentration offers an immersive program of study in arts management, music, theatre and film, production management and production design.  Emphasis is placed on today’s proliferation of organizations such as theatres, museums, galleries, arts centers, community arts groups, and music and dance companies.  Arts management curriculum includes visitations to local, state, national and international arts facilities and companies to learn first-hand the day-to-day running of the organizations involving marketing, managing budgets, fundraising and program development.  Coursework covers easy to use online directories, cultural marketplaces, creative economy databases and social media.  Coursework also provides skills for the utilization of technology to expand the arts to audiences within and beyond the physical boundaries of a local community.


Applied Science and Technology:

This concentration focuses on studies involving the application of physical and mathematical techniques to fundamental investigations and emerging areas within the physical and life sciences.  Coursework includes engineering technology, computer science, environmental science, telemedicine, health and safety technology (fitness and recreation), telecommunication network management, management and marketing of applied sciences and technology.


Global Leadership and International Studies:

This concentration is designed to develop the next generation of global leaders and to participate in international programs.  Emphasis is placed on cross-cultural and leadership competencies for a global society, linking leadership and services.  This unique curriculum provides in-depth knowledge and skills of state, national and international governments, global organizations and the world’s market.  The curriculum also provides opportunities for study abroad and equipped students to succeed in a global society.  The coursework involves the global economy; business management, marketing, and finances; leadership training; international education (Pre-departure training and on-site assignments); relationships with industry, governments and institutions; and developing countries and world markets.


Individualized Concentration:

A fifth option is the individualized concentration. With permission, a student may propose a concentration comprised of two disciplines of upper-level courses tailored to his/her academic interests, professional career or job.