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Mathematics Program Overview

The Mathematics Program in the Department of Mathematics, Physics and SMED attempts to meet the needs of the various segments of the University and community.  More specifically, our Program seeks to:

  • Build the general level of competence in mathematics necessary for successful living of the well educated citizen;
  • Provide the specific training in mathematics required to meet the objectives of other areas of the University;
  • Provide specialized training for the population of high school and middle school teachers;
  • Provide undergraduate degree program, Bachelor of Science, in Mathematics and Physics with a concentration in Mathematics;
  • Provide a quality graduate program, Master of Science, in Mathematics and Physics with a concentration in Mathematics which will enable the student to do further study, secure employment, or enroll for personal or professional development.

Our Program is housed in T.T. Allain on the third floor. This building was named in honor of Theophile T. Allain who was one of the few delegates or sponsors responsible for the establishment of Southern University in 1880. T. T. Allain Hall which is well over  60 years old, provides the space for the department's classrooms and computer laboratories. The computer laboratory provides with students with supplementary exercises to classroom lectures, computerized testing, and fast Internet access for math related projects. The Math Lab is furnished with flat-screened monitors and computers. The wide state-of-the-art screens facilitate viewing images with full lighting allowing student note-taking. Incorporating technology into the curriculum for the mathematics faculty is alive and well. Hence, each student is strongly encouraged to use these services along with expert guidance from the faculty to maximize his/her chances for success in mathematics.


Home of the Mathematics Program,
T. T. Allain  Hall

Services to other Academic Units

Students whose curriculum requires only six credit hours of mathematics may fulfill that requirement by taking MATH 130 and MATH 131. Students who intend to pursue a science-related curriculum should follow the sequence MATH 135 and MATH 140. Students who are interested in business and who have a strong high school background in mathematics should take MATH 200. Students who need remediation should take MATH 092 in preparation for one of the choice programs. 

Entering freshmen are placed in MATH 264 or below based on ACT/SAT record or courses taken in high school. Students who have an adequate background (students who have had Algebra I, II, Geometry and Advanced Mathematics, or Trigonometry) in high school mathematics are expected to take MATH 264 and MATH 265 in their freshman year.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Katrina Cunningham, Associate Chair of Mathematics, Physics and SMED for Mathematics ( or  Mrs. Paula Turner ( , Administrative Assistant.

Mathematics Program

344 T. T. Allain Hall

Southern University and A&M College
Baton Rouge, LA 70813
(225) 771-5180
(225) 771- 4762 FAX


Chairs 'over the years' (lt. to rt.):  Mr. Jeffrey Thomas, Dr. Katrina Cunningham,

Dr. Rogers Newman, Dr. Stella Ashford, and Dr. Joseph Meyinsse