Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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*      Admission to Candidacy for Master's Degree

*      Application for Degree

*      Appointment or Change of Master's Thesis Committee

*      Approval of '400' Level Course for Master's Credit

*      Committee Acceptance Form for Electronic Thesis

*      Master's Comprehensive Examination Form

*      Registration/Approval of Thesis Proposal 

*      Registration/Approval of Final Project/Report Proposal

*      Thesis Final Defense Form

*      Thesis Signature and Approval Form



*      Admission to Candidacy for Doctoral Degree

*      Application for Degree

*      Appointment or Change of Doctoral Dissertation Committee

*      Change Admission Status/Degree Program

*      Committee Acceptance Form for Electronic Dissertation

*      Dissertation Review Procedures

*      Dissertation Prospectus Procedure

*      Dissertation Signature Page

*      Doctoral Final Defense Form

*      Doctoral Qualifying Examination Form

*      Preparing for Oral Defense

*      Outline of Ph.D Program (Plan of Study)

*      Registration/Approval of Dissertation Proposal

*      Survey of Earned Doctorate Informational Brochure

*      Survey of Earned Doctorates Confidentiality Statement

*      Survey of Earned Doctorates


Other Documents/Forms

*      Change Admission Status/Degree Program

*      Copyright Information

*      Course Override Form

*      Dissertation/Thesis Oral Defense Questions

*      Editing Guidelines

*      Editor Information

*      Editor for Thesis/Dissertation

*      Embargo Policy for Theses & Dissertations and Signature Page

*      Graduate School Application Form

*      Graduate School Manual

*      Graduate School Policies

*      Graduate School Travel Form

*      Graduation Application

*      How to Create PDFs

*      How to Embed Fonts

*      How to Submit and Upload to ProQuest

*      Layout and Guidelines for Writing a Thesis/Dissertation 

*      Louisiana Residency Designation Requirements and Application

*      Manual for Preparing Electronic Theses and Dissertations

*      Open Access Compared to Traditional Publishing

*      PowerPoint Presentation on ProQuest

*      Provisional Language Admission

*      Re-Admission Application to a Graduate Degree Program

*      Request for Transfer of Graduate Credit

*      Steps in Setting Up Your Manuscript Using Microsoft Word