Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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Where is the Wireless Network?

The Wireless Network is available in the following locations:

Academic - SSID: SUBR_WLAN
  • John B. Cade Library
  • T. H. Harris Hall
  • W. W. Stewart Hall
  • Seymour Gym
  • Pinchback Engineering
  • Blanks Hall
  • Higgins Hall
  • Smith Brown Memorial Union & Union front
  • Fisher Hall, Lee Hall & James Hall
  • J. B. Moore Hall
  • Pinkie Thrift Hall
  • T. T. Allain
  • Architecture East and West
  • Debose Hall including the Recital Hall
  • Hayden Hall
  • J. K. Haynes Hall
  • F. G. Clark Activity Center

Residential - SSID: SUBR_RESLIFE

  • S. V. Totty Hall
  • Camille Shade Hall
  • U.S. Jones Hall
  • All University Apartments
  • Grandison Hall
  • Reed Hall
  • White Hall
  • Bradford Hall


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Partial wireless locations:
  • Chancellor's Conference Room
  • A.W.Mumford Field House
  • A.W. Mumford Pressbox
  • Physical Plant Warehouse