Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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Videoconference Preparation

  • Well in advance  
    • Practice using equipment (Contact The Office of Technology and Network Services)
    • Prepare lesson plan and materials and obtain copyright clearance if necessary
    • Schedule a date and time for the conference
    • Arrange for remote facilitators, guest speakers, technical support, etc.
    • Reserve equipment/room
    • Consider how you will set up the room (background, cameras, clock, etc.)
    • For more than two sites (multipoint), schedule a bridge
    • Develop a back-up plan in case of technical problems
    • Schedule a practice session
  • Week in advance
    • Share your expectations with participants
    • Make sure the remote site has necessary materials
    • Share ISDN and telephone numbers or IP addresses and determine who will place the call
    • Find out who to contact if there are problems
    • Practice with remote facilitators
    • Decide what to wear (avoid loud patterns, red, & white)
  • Day of Conference
    • Arrange the room
    • Connect with remote site 15-30 minutes prior to the meeting time if possible.
    • Check audio, video, lighting, auxiliary equipment (document camera, VCR, etc.)
    • Preview local camera angle and preset angles if possible
    • Keep ISDN, IP addresses, and telephone numbers handy during the conference
    • View yourself occasionally (make sure the other end can see whomever is speaking