Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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Admission Requirements

The Unit assesses development and growth of students and candidates at five levels of admission, as they matriculate through the program. These are: Level I (Admission to the School of Education); Level II (Admission to Teacher Education); Level III (Admission to Advanced Standing); Level IV (Admission to Student Teaching); and Level V (Program Completer Status). At the end of each level, the candidate must attain an acceptable rating on the Candidate Disposition Scale, as completed by the candidate, to determine expected professional growth toward ethical maturity and character traits correlated with teacher effectiveness. Each level has criteria that candidates must demonstrate before moving to the next level. Each level has a committee of professionals who counsel students and candidates so that professional growth  is the focal point of each level. At the advanced level, the assessment system evaluates graduate performance from entrance to exit.


Admission and Retention in Teacher Education


Teacher Preparation Programs Newsletter


Advisement Procedures for the School of Education