Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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Our Motto:


Since 1999, the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies (CEES) has participated in numerous contracting opportunities with state and federal agencies.  To date, the Center has been awarded over $25.2 million in contracts and growing.  Our 6 step contracting flow model is simple and effective. Our ability to respond to contracting opportunities is expediate and percise. 

Contracting  iniatives have helped to support and elevate the univeristy's capabilities and infrastructure. The center extendes its contracting mangement services to departments throughout the campus.  Through these partnerships, CEES has been able to engage faculty from the College of Engineering, College of Business, The Center for Social Research, The Department of Computer Science, and the SU Agricultrue and Research Extension Center.


  • Qualified mentor under DoD Mentor Protégé Program
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory Mentor Protégé Partner
  • Pre-qualified Contractor/Subcontractor
  • Central Contractor Registration certified
  • Government Contracting Training (executive management training
    program in government contracting)


Contract Awards:

Private Sector
Jacobs Engineering                             $3.5M
Environmental Lab Alliance                $6M
IBM- Clouding Computing                   $250 K

Federal and State Agencies
US Air force                                            $78K
LA Department of Health / Hosp.       $370K
NASA                                                       $6M
Nuclear Regulatory Commission      $120K
Oakridge National Laboratories        $1M
US Army Corps of Engineers             $9.7M

Contracting Project Experience:

Biological Services / Ecological Services
Campaign Plan Implementation
Coastal Studies
Cut and Fill Delineation  Services
Design work for excavation of remedial site
Environmental Assessment / Impact Statement
Fracture Trace Analysis
GIS and Remote Sensing Workshops
Hydrology / Land Surveying
Materials Science / Testing
Preliminary Planning and Investigation
Project Description Document / Information Reports
Public Involvement
Risk Assessment and Data Analysis
Safety Training
Soil Transportation and Disposal Stabilization
Training for Dam Safety and Water Resources
Web Based Technology Development