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Blackboard Tutorials

Blackboard for Instructors - Tutorials Blackboard for Students
Build a Course Communicate 
   Student Work   
 Working in your course
Working in Course Environment  Discussion Board Grade Center Taking a test online
 Getting Started Create a Discussion Board Customize Grade Center View Checking your grades
Grade a Discussion Board Needs Grading Create Discussion Board Post
 Add Banner to
 Course Page
Create a Discussion Board Thread Create Smart Views Create New Discussion Board Thread

 Create Blank

Reply to a Discussion Thread Create Grade Rule Reply to Discussion Board Thread
 Upload one or  more files Grade Discussion Board Thread View Grade Details View Discussion Board Grades
Building Course Content Announcements and Scheduling Anonymous Grade Create a Blog entry
Starting with Course Content Create Announcements Create Grading Notes Submit an Assignment
Using the Text Editor Create Course Task Create a Grade Center Report Not receiving Instructor email
Edit Course Home Page Create Course Contact View and Download Grade History No course menu visible
Add a URL Send an Email Work Offline with Grade Center Hide course from course menu
Create a tool link Manage Group Work Test, Surveys, and Pools  
Course Utilities Create a Group Create a Test  
Export a Course Create Group Set Set Test Options  
Archive a Course Getting started with Groups Read Survey Results  
Import a Course Blogs and Journals Build a Test  
Hide course from course menu
Creating a Journal Read Survey Submissions  

Creating and Editing
Journal Entries
Export and Import a Test or Survey  
  Commenting on a Journal Entry Upload Test Questions from Microsoft Excel  
  Creating a Blog Create Short Answer Question  
  Creating and Editing Blog Entries Create a Matching Question  
  Commenting on a Blog Entry Create a True or False Question  
    Add an existing question to a test  
    Create a calcuated formula question  
    Create an essay question  
    Creating a Hot Spot Question  
    Creating a Jumbled Question  
    Create a Likert Question  
    Create a Multiple Answer Question  
    Create a Multiple Choice Question  
    Create a Ordering Question  
    Create a Quiz Bowl Question  
    Tagging Questions for Reuse  
    Build a Pool  
    Create a Random Block and Adding It to a Test  


Any questions or concerns pertaining to Blackboard, please contact

Chrisena R. Brown
LMS Administrator
Division of Information Technology
P O Box 12891
Baton Rouge.LA 70813