Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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Dean's Message

Thanks for stopping by to visit us. We are here as your servants in education, for truly do we believe service to be sovereign. As an academic unit consisting of 10 departments (comprised of biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, psychology, rehabilitation and disability studies, social work, sociology, and speech pathology and audiology), a center for social research, and an associated Ph.D. program in environmental toxicology, the College of Sciences is genuinely committed to programs in academic excellence to promote the University's mission of preparing students to compete globally in the workplace and in graduate and professional schools.

Biology offers a B.S. with concentrations in general biology, microbiology, zoology, or botany. The biology department has a selection of courses to provide students with studies in premedicine, predenistry, and prepharmacy. Chemistry awards a B.S. with concentrations in chemistry, premed chemistry, or chemistry/chemical engineering. The chemistry/chemical engineering program is a five-year program in collaboration with Louisiana State University (LSU) in which the student obtains a B.S. in chemistry from Southern and concurrently receives a B.S. in chemical engineering from LSU. Computer Sciencegrants a B.S. in either of two options: the scientific option (for students who want to pursue careers in research, technology, or scientific computing) and the information systems option(designed for students pursuing careers in software development and management).

Mathematics offers undergraduate degree programs in mathematics that enable graduates to secure employment or pursue further study and research. Physics majors are provided with a firm, effective foundation for professional advancement, graduate study, and a successful career as a research scientist. Psychology offers programs designed to foster an understanding of behavior; it also has a state-certified substance-abuse-prevention program. Rehabilitation and Disability Services prepares students for entry-level positions in the human services area, including substance abuse, and provides them with the background needed to pursue graduate studies in rehabilitation counseling or related fields. Social Work prepares students to practice social work at the baccalaureate professional level or to pursue further studies at graduate schools of social work.

Courses taken for the B.S. in sociology are designed to give students a comprehensive perspective of social problems and the sociological methods, theory, and statistics that can help to solve them. Speech Pathology and Audiology prepares students for rewarding careers in working with the hearing and speech impaired.

As a united body of dedicated academicians, the College of Sciences addresses the overall mission of the University by promoting academic excellence through counseling and scholarly activities; offering courses of study that provide the foundation necessary for graduate work, for professional training and advancement, and for a successful career as a scientist; and seeking to instill in all students (non-science as well as science majors) a deep appreciation for science as an area of human experience used in exploring and understanding the universe. Research and cooperative work experiences for students form an integral part of the educational programs in the college.  Courses of study in the college enable future teachers to provide basic instruction in areas of science and other educational programs. The college seeks to produce graduates who will be prepared to apply theoretical and practical solutions to societal problems. In short, the college, as a unit of 10 academic departments, is committed to producing majors in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, rehabilitation and disability studies, psychology, social work, sociology, and speech pathology and audiology who will ultimately excel in teachingresearch, andservice in all facets of society.

The departments of biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, and sociology also have masters-level graduate programs. The department of rehabilitation and disability studies offers a masters degree in rehabilitation counseling. Indeed, the College of Sciences provides a variety of education programs for pursuing a broad selection of careers. For more information about the programs, we invite you to visit the department(s) of your choice while you are here. Please check the websites for Environmental Toxicologyand the Center for Social Research, respectively, for information about these programs.

For information about scholarships in a given discipline, contact the chairman of the department of the discipline.

Again, thanks for visiting us.  Please know that we consider it an honor to serve you.

Robert H. Miller, Jr.
Dean of Sciences