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Graduate Program

The Department of Sociology offers a graduate concentration in sociology. Its Master of Arts program in Social Sciences is jointly offered by the departments of history and political science. This interdisciplinary program is designed to meet the needs of rural and metropolitan area teachers, social analysts, junior and middle level social service and personnel administrators as well as beginning graduate students in the social sciences who plan to pursue further study for the doctorate in one of the social science disciplines.

The basic objectives of the Program are

  1. to prepare students for further study in sociology;
  2. to provide teachers with greater depth in sociology;
  3. to prepare pre-collegiate level teachers for the multi-ethnic urban and rural areas of America;
  4. to improve the overall quality of sociological knowledge through scientific research;
  5. to enhance the scholarly publications in sociology,
  6. to improve sociological information and skill levels of social service personnel through appropriate course offerings.


Admission Requirements  
Graduation Requirements  
Course Descriptions