Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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The mission of the School is to support the historic mission of the University, prepare graduates for leadership roles as architects, advocate for African Americans in the profession of architecture, engender in graduates a commitment to service to the community and its built environment, prepare graduates to excel in graduate and professional environments, and to compete globally in architecture and allied professions.

Students who come to Southern University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), more specifically to the School of Architecture, have great expectations for themselves and their families, inspired by generations who have gone long before them.  For these long-held expectations to grow, thrive and become realistic goals, they must be embraced, encouraged and nurtured.  The School through its diverse program, faculty and student body offers the environment that allows the students and parents of these students to see that these goals are attainable.  The curriculum provides the avenue for the student to be introduced to architecture practice and allows the student the opportunity to explore.  These aspirations are at the core of the mission of the School and the University.

The Southern University School of Architecture (SUSA) fulfills a unique roll in the state of Louisiana.  The program encourages and recruits students of all racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, thus promoting diversity.  In addition, it has traditionally provided access and opportunity for those students who might not otherwise be given a chance to pursue a degree in architecture.