Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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POLS 500. SEMINAR IN AMERICAN POLITICS (Credit, 3 hours). An interdisciplinary course which provides an extensive review of the American political system by focusing on the three major institutions of government (President, Congress, and the Supreme Court) and the role of blacks in the American political arena.

An extensive review of the research in political science and related disciplines of the nature, role and techniques of the Black community in American politics at the local, state and national level.

Course seeks to define the scope and subject matter of political science; methodological issues; current leading studies of politics; and the current state of research in political science.

POLS 503. METHODOLOGY (Credit, 3 hours). A research seminar designed to introduce advanced students to data processing in political science. "Hands-on" experience at the computer terminal utilizing computer programs.

POLS 505. SEMINAR IN POLITICAL SOCIALIZATION(Credit, 3 hours). An examination of theoretical propositions in findings of recent empirical research in the field of political socialization. Special consideration given to the role of the school and the teacher in the socialization process and the studies on the political socialization of blacks and other minorities.

POLS 510. SEMINAR IN THE LEGISLATIVE PROCESS(Credit, 3 hours). The theory and practice of legislative organization and procedures, policy determination and executive legislative relationship.

POLS 512. SEMINAR IN INTEREST GROUP POLITICS (Credit 3 hours). An examination of the impact of interest group influence on the governmental process to include strategies, finance and lobbying.

POLS 515. PUBLIC OPINION AND THE POLITICAL PROCESS (Credit, 3 hours). An analysis of the impact of public opinion on the political process to include an introduction to the development and application of polling and surveying instruments.

POLS 522. INTERNATIONAL LAW AND ORGANIZATIONS(Credit, 3 hours). Nature, sources and development of international law, general development and basic principles of world organizations, principles, structure, methods and actual operation of international governmental institutions with emphasis on the United Nations and related agencies.

POLS 532. SEMIAR IN COMPARATIVE POLITICS (Credit, 3 hours). An advanced seminar dealing with the analysis of contemporary political systems from the perspective of recent developments in comparative politics.

POLS 550. GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS OF CHINA(Credit, 3 hours). Evolution, structure, and functioning of the Chinese governmental system, the theories, structure and functioning of the communist party in modern China.

POLS 572. SEMINAR IN CIVIL LIBERTIES (Credit, 3 hours). General review of civil liberties in the United States with attention to racial discrimination, freedom of press, speech, religion and the other civil liberties issues.

POLS 573. SEMINAR IN PUBLIC LAW (Credit, 3 hours). General overview of the origins of law with an emphasis on American constitutional and civil law.

POLS 580. CONTEMPORARY POLITICAL PHILOSOPHIES(Credit, 3 hours). Major tendencies in political philosophy in the 20th century.

POLS 583. GRADUATE SEMINAR IN POLITICAL SCIENCE(Credit, 3hours). Definitions of the scope and subject matter of political science; methodological issues; current leading studies of politics and the current state of research in political science.

POLS 584. URBAN COMMUNITY (Credit, 3 hours). An interdisciplinary course in urban community affairs from historical, social, economic and political perspectives.

POLS 600. THESIS (Credit, 3 hours). Open to student writing a thesis. Three hours of credit given only upon completion of an acceptable thesis.