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The Criminal Justice Master's Degree Program has two tracks (a) The Thesis Option and (b) The Non-Thesis Option.  
A student who chooses the Thesis Option will earn a Master of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice.  Thesis option students are  required to complete 18 hours core, 12 hours concentration and 6 hours thesis.  The Non-Thesis Option students will earn a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. Non-Thesis option students are required to complete 18 hours core, 12 hours concentration, 6 hours of electives and a Capstone Project.


Core Courses (18 semester hours)

CRJU 510

Criminal Justice Systems

3 hours

CRJU 511

Criminal Justice Theory, Policy & Practice

3 hours

CRJU 512


3 hours

CRJU 513

Legal & Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

3 hours

CRJU 514


3 hours

CRJU 515

Research Methods (In Social Science)

3 hours

Concentration Options
Students will choose one of the following concentrations:

Criminal Investigation Concentration   (12 semester hours)

CRJU 520

Advanced Crime Scene Investigation

3 hours

CRJU 521

Advanced Interviews & Interrogation

3 hours

CRJU 522

Crime Scene Anaylsis & Reconstruction

3 hours

CRJU 523

Case Preparation & Testifying

3 hours


Corrections Concentration (12 semester hours)

CRJU 540

Advanced Seminar in Corrections

3 hours

CRJU 541

Community-Based Corrections: Probation, Parole, etc.

3 hours

CRJU 542

Correctional Administration

3 hours

CRJU 543

Human Resources Management in Corrections and Law Enforcement

3 hours


Law Enforcement Concentration (12 semester hours)

CRJU 530

Advanced Police Administration

3 hours

CRJU 531

Community Policing

3 hours

CRJU 543

Human Resources Management in Corrections and Law Enforcement

3 hours

CRJU 533

Constitutional & Criminal Law

3 hours


Public Policy Concentration (12 semester hours)

PADM 515

Public Policy in Criminal Justice Organizations

3 hours

PADM 540

Methods of Public Policy Analysis

3 hours

PADM 541

Management Decision Models

3 hours

PADM 544

Program Evaluation

3 hours

CRJU 598

Capstone Project

0 hours




CRJU 600


6 hours

Electives (6 hours) oThesis (6 hours)