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About Student Government Association

The Student Government Association, better known as SGA, is exactly just that: the Student's Government! In being such, it must be understood that  this organization does not only represent the helpful authority that handles the rigorous challenges associated with student life, university departments, or the various issues concerning our university's administration. This premier organization has been established for the betterment of the student body, the customers who buy into the business of this institution.

Specifically, SGA specializes in enacting various initiatives in order to advocate on behalf student needs, rights, and welfare. In addition, through  the implementation of innovative programs, activities, and events, our goal is to keep the Student Body's morale at a high level, valuing, involving, and encouraging every student's participation in positive programs that will continue enhance their mental, physical, spiritual, and social selves long after their commencement.              

At the end of the day, after dedicating countless hours of service, the assurance that the needs of the students have been met is always our ultimate ambition. In essence, all these factors are the Lego blocks that build your SGA. The enhancement of the Student Body is the motivation, inspiration, and highest goal that the Student Government can aspire to achieve as the students make everything possible. There is not now nor will there ever be a line that separates the SGA from the Student Body as our students literally put the 'S' in SGA.


Executive Branch

Cabinet: (Pending Senate Approval)

  Simone R. Bray
SGA President
Sara Anne Martin
SGA Vice President


Dontrail Dobison
Chief of Staff
Myron Lawson
Deputy Chief of Staff

Gabrielle Aubry,

Gary Williams

Executive Asst. to the President

Kenyatta Trim
Director of Activities

Jerna Adams, Business Management

Stephanie Humphrey, Business Management

Ricky Robinson, Business Management

Briana Jernigan , Director of Communications

Ty Jackson, Assistant Director of Communications

Astoria King, PR Coordinator

Toni Guillory, PR Coordinator

Briauna Marshall, PR Coordinator

Kewe Ukpolo, Director of Finance

Araric Jones, Asst. Director of Finance

Patience Muse , Director of Volunteers

Eddie Brooks, Assistant Director of Volunteers

Barbara Arp, Assistant Director of Activities

Don Batiste, Activities Coordinator

Aaron Davidson, Activities Coordinator

Dominique Diamond, Activities Coordinator

Tiandra Gibson, Activities Coordinator

Executive Council:

Megan Henderson, Association of Women Students President
Stephan Loston, Men's Federation President
Kent Batiste, Senior Class President
Nicholas Harris, Junior Class President
Chase Evans, Sophomore Class President
Freshmen Class President - To be Elected



University Queens:
Ayanna Spivey, Miss Southern University
Gabrielle Lewis, Miss Senior
Channing Evans, Miss Junior
Alison Bonton, Miss Sophomore
Miss Freshman - To be Elected


Legislative Branch

coming soon


Judicial Branch

coming soon


SGA Constitution
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
SGA Bylaws
SGA Volunteer Form
Organizational Fund
Senate Directory
Election Code


Get Involved

Volunteer with SGA
If you would like to become more active in your SGA, please download, print, complete, and return the SGA Volunteer Form to the SGA office.

Located on the second floor of the Smith-Brown Memorial Union Building We can be reached by phone at (225)771-2585, (225) 771-2515 or by fax (225) 771-3690

JaQuay Jackson
Director of Volunteers
SGA Volunteer Form