Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Public Administration program is to promote opportunities in public sector management; to support the goals of community agencies as well as governmental organizations, to produce the next generation of well-qualified and ethically-grounded practitioners and academicians; and to advance knowledge in the discipline through scientific inquiry.

The educational philosophy and mission of the Department of Public Administration is rooted in Southern University's environment and history. As a historically Black institution, Southern University is committed to offering educational opportunities to students who otherwise may not be offered the opportunity or have the means to attain a graduate education.To this end, the Department's mission is tied to Southern Universitys commitment to educate graduate students for leadership positions in the public and non-profit sectors.The curriculum supports this mission by introducing students to academic materials and practical experiences that prepare them to become competent public servants and/or analysts.The Department's goals are to offer students an educational experience that prepares them to: (1) manage public affairs in their respective communities, parishes (counties), state and nation; (2) meet ethical, policy, and administrative challenges they will experience while performing their duties; and (3) adapt to changing service demands.