Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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College Requirements

Students will be eligible for admission to the College of Arts and Humanities when they have completed at least 30 semester hours with a minimum grade point average of 2.00. The following general education courses must be included: Six hours of English, ENGL 110 and 111, with a grade of "C" or better in each course; six hours of history; six hours of mathematics, and ten hours of science. Requirements for admission to programs in music are described in the music area section of this catalog.

Students who transfer from other divisions of the University and accredited colleges and universities must meet the same eligibility requirements stated above. The College of Arts and Humanities will determine the acceptability of transfer credits to the respective degree programs and may decline to accept transfer credit for any course when the grade earned is lower than a "C."

Student Responsibility

Students in the College of Arts and Humanities are required to confer with an assigned major department advisor on a regular basis. Beyond this advisement, students are personally responsible not only for selecting their academic programs, but also for adhering to all published regulations and requirements of the college and the University. Students are expected to seek regular advisement and ultimately are individually responsible for completing all degree requirements. 

During the semester immediately prior to graduation, students must confer both with their advisor and the chair of the major department for a final degree checkout and preparation of an application for graduation. Completed graduation applications are due in the College of Arts and Humanities Office prior to the end of that semester and are accepted only from those students who have passed the writing proficiency examination and have been admitted officially to the College of Arts and Humanities.

Degree Requirements

In an attempt to provide majors in the College of Arts and Humanities with a greater number of options, as well as to emphasize personal uniqueness, the college requires a core of 69-70 semester hours. The remaining hours that must be taken to earn a total of 124 semester hours are designated by the departmental major requirements and students' choices of free electives. These electives may be chosen from any courses offered at the University. However, majors in the college are urged to choose, with an advisor, courses that provide the student with a second field of interest or a strong minor or concentration.

Course Requirements

The completion of a minimum of 124 semester hours with a grade point average of at least 2.00. Some departments may require additional hours or a higher average.

The completion of at least 27 semester hours in a major field. Some departments may require additional hours.
The completion of the following general education requirements:


12 Hours


6 Hours

Social and Behavioral Sciences

12 Hours

(Must include two courses, six semester hours, in history.)

Natural Sciences

10 Hours

(Must include courses in biological and physical sciences. One of the areas must be in a two-semester sequence, e.g., Biology 104 and 105. The student must take a one-credit laboratory in conjunction with one of the three courses, the other two being lecture only.)

Foreign Languages

9 Hours

(Sequence of the first, second, and third courses in French, German, or Spanish; or two courses in Japanese and one other course).

Humanities and Fine Arts

12 Hours

(Including three hours each in humanities, philosophy, and speech; and three hours in arts outside the student's major. The final three hours may be in the major if the course is an elective not otherwise required in the curriculum.)

Health or Physical Education

2 Hours

Computer Literacy

0-3 Hours

(May be established by examination, through appropriate computer-based courses in each major department of the college, or through the Department of Computer Science.)

Freshman Seminar

0-2 Hours

(Freshmen matriculating in the Junior Division will complete this requirement prior to transferring to the major college. Students transferring directly to the college from other institutions will not be required to take Freshman Seminar.)

African American Experience

3 Hours

(Any course outside the major officially approved to satisfy this requirement. See complete description in this catalog.)

Community Service

0-3 Hours

(Students must complete the 60 clock-hour requirement and may elect to do so for either credit or non-credit. See complete description in this catalog.)

A passing score on a comprehensive examination in the student's major as a part of the requirements for graduation. See complete description in this catalog.

Pass the University Writing Proficiency Test before graduation. See complete description in the catalog.