Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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Crosby Diwan Ibekwe Jerro Li Mensah
Mohamadian Woldesenbet
Crosby, Karen
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Crosby's proficiency is in the area of materials science & engineering, including corrosion and materials characterization, and mechanics. Her research interests involve many areas related to advanced engineering materials including modeling material behavior, microstructural and property characterization, and performance analysis. Her research experiences have included studies of ultra-low carbon steel, polymer and metal matrix composites, and aluminum-lithium alloys.
Diwan, Ravinder
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Diwan's primary research interests are in advanced materials, metallurgy, structure-property relations, quantitative microscopy, fractography, failure analysis, corrosion engineering, materials modeling and computer applications in manufacturing and engineering. His current and recent research projects have been in areas of aluminum lithium alloys, titanium aluminides, material weldability, corrosion, fractography, manufacturing laboratory development and deformation dynamic material modeling.
Ibekwe, Samuel
Professor and Chairman, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Ibekwe's research interests are in impact response of composite materials, experimental solid mechanics, and finite element analysis of engineering structures. It also includes fabrication, testing, and evaluation of advanced composite materials.
Jerro, Dwayne
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Li, Guoqaing
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Li's research interest is in infrastructure composites, impact and crashworthiness of composite structures, repair and rehabilitation of composite structures including reinforced concrete structures, cement based composites, and mechanics of composite materials.
Mensah, Patrick
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Principal Investigator - AMRL/CPERC

Dr. Mensah's research interest is in the area of thermal/fluid sciences and mechanical characterization of advanced composite material piping systems used in industries such as the marine and petrochemical industries as well as offshore oil platform. His current research is on modeling heat-activated joining of composite piping and fire characterization of thermosetting composite materials. He is also currently involved in the implementation of new techniques such as multimedia applications in engineering pedagogy.
Mohamadian, Habib P.
Professor and Dean of College of Engineering
Dr. Mohamadian's research interests center on material characterization, solid modeling, failure analysis, and assessment. His educational effort includes the development of new techniques for engineering education assessment to increase institutional effectiveness. He has been involved in engineering design and material characterization research and laboratory development.
Woldesenbet, Eyassu
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Classes taught or being taught by Dr. Woldesenbet are: Composite Materials, Introductory Engineering, Dynamics, and Mechanics of Materials. Fields of Interest: High Strain Rate Properties and Mechanics & Design of Composite Materials, and Mechanics of Materials.  Research Area: High Strain Rate Properties of Composite Materials, Development of Composite Sucker Rods for the Oil Industry, Composites Manufacturing and Rehabilitation of Structures using Composites.