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Family Financial Planner

Be a Family Financial Planner!                           
Choose Family Financial Planning with the 1890 Family and Consumer Sciences Distance Instructional Alliance!                    

What does a financial planner do?

Financial planners help people from all walks of life solve their financial problems and set achievable financial goals which are frequently family-related. They are trained to use a highly personal approach, working very closely with clients to integrate all aspects of an individual's financial situation. This comprehensive approach distinguishes financial planners from insurance agents, stockbrokers, accountants or attorneys who may specialize in only one area of a person's finances. A financial planner looks at the "big picture" of a client's financial situation. (Certified Financial Planner [CFP®] Board of Standards)

What does it take to be a good financial planner?

  • It requires a desire to help others achieve their financial goals, first and foremost.
  • Good people skills-being a good listener and having the ability to explain complex financial concepts to clients is a plus. 
  • A solid understanding of all areas of personal finance, and the ability to apply that knowledge, will help you solve clients' specific financial problems.
    (CFP Board of Standards)

How does the 1890 Family and Consumer Sciences Distance Instructional Alliance (1890 FCS-DIA) Family Financial Planning (FFP) program work?

The 1890 FCS- DIA FFP program is designed to prepare candidates to meet the CFP Board's educational requirements and pass the CFP® Certification Examination. A certificate in Family Financial Planning will be awarded to those who complete the FFP course requirements and a Bachelor of Science Degree. FFP students will take stimulating courses such as:

FCSC 395

Fundamentals of Family Financial Planning


FCSC 397

Insurance Planning for Families


FCSC 399

Retirement Planning for Families


FCSC 485

Investment Planning for Families


FCSC 487

Income Tax Planning for Families


FCSC 489

Estate Planning for Families



Total Credits


For more information on the 1890 FCS-DIA Family Financial Planning certificate program, visit the 1890 FCS-DIA website at or contact Dr. Doze Y. Butler or Ms. Johnita Scott in the Division of Family and Consumer Sciences at 225-771-4660.

1890 Family and Consumer Sciences Distance Instructional Alliance (1890 FCS - DIA) 
Family Financial Planning Fact Sheet 
"Building Capacity Through Collaboration"

By forming academic alliances, today's universities are empowered to share resources. This, in turn, enables universities to add new programs that meet the professional skills required in a rapidly changing world. The Family and Consumer Sciences units at eight Land-Grant universities have united to offer a practical, contemporary academic program in Family Financial Planning that neither could offer alone.

What is the 1890 Family and Consumer Sciences - Distance Instructional Alliance (1890 FCS - DIA)?

The Alliance was created by the Family and Consumer Sciences units at eight 1890 Land-Grant Colleges and Universities, that represent the first online collaboration of its kind for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Members are:

  • Alabama A&M University
  • Fort Valley State University
  • North Carolina A&T State University
  • South Carolina State University
  • Southern University and A&M College
  • Tennessee State University 
  • University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff 
  • University of Maryland-Eastern Shore

The first project of the Alliance is to create an online certificate program in Family Financial Planning that will prepare students for the CFP® Certification Examination.

The Alliance is funded by a Capacity Building Grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, awarded in 2004.

Why a program in Family Financial Planning?

  • Based on the current economic climate and the significance of family financial conditions, family financial planning is predicted to be in great demand in the future.  
  • The number of minority CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals does not reflect the racial composition of the US population. 
  • There is a lack of financial planning expertise at HBCUs. 
  • According to Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. there is only one CFP Board registered program at an HBCU.

1890 FCS -- DIA Fact Sheet

What will the Alliance mean to students?

  • The 1890 institution will award a certificate in Family Financial Planning to those who successfully complete the course requirements and a B.S. degree. 
  • Continuing work toward CFP® certification is at the discretion of the student.  Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. owns the certification marks in the U.S. and awards them to individuals who successfully complete CFP Board's initial and ongoing certification requirements. 
  • The certificate program will teach more than 100 integrated, CFP Board required topics, such as General Financial Planning, Insurance, Retirement, Employee Benefits, Investments, Income Taxes, and Estate Planning

How is the Distance Instructional Alliance being organized?

Collaboration is now under way in three key areas: Program Development, Faculty Development, and Formalizing the Alliance.

  1. Program Development involves meeting criteria for CFP Board Registration, adapting infrastructure to Alliance needs, and deciding how topics are to be taught. 
  2. Faculty Development involves selecting and training potential 1890 FCS-­DIA faculty. 
  3. Formalizing the Alliance involves securing agreements between the eight institutions in areas such as fee structure, policy and procedures, etc.

What will be the outcome for the eight participating universities?

  • Capacity Building. An established Alliance will give member universities the capacity to add new distance education programs in the future. 
  • Meeting emerging societal needs. 1890 FCS - DIA will provide a framework for future expansion of distance education courses and programs that address emerging societal needs, such as financial planning.

How do I contact the 1890 FCS-DIA?

Call an Alliance University coordinator at their Family and Consumer Sciences number (225-771-4660) or visit

Family Planning Courses and Descriptions