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Field Experiences

Field Experiences, in the undergraduate professional education curriculum at Southern University, prepare candidates to work effectively as professionals in schools as primary, elementary, secondary and special education teachers. Teacher candidates move from the observation of students and classroom activities to full assumption of the role of the teacher. These formal field experiences begin in introductory education courses and progress through student teaching. Candidates are given opportunities to observe, plan, and practice in a variety of settings appropriate to the professional roles for which they are being prepared. 

Alternative Certification Students
The professor should allow each candidate to select the mentor teacher and make sure that candidate returns the paperwork.  The professor should e-mail the principal and mentor and have the candidate to video tape at least 2 lessons to be reviewed and upload in LiveText.

An alternative certification candidate may use his/her planning period or some other off-time from regular teaching period to visit another teacher's class is acceptable. 


Admissions Application


Robert Noyce Scholarship Application

Teacher Grant





-Field Experiences Handbook
-Field Experiences Forms

Important Information to be completed by Students regarding Field Experiences



Office of Clinical Partnerships and Practice 

Richard A. Baker Jr.