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Student Teaching


The College of Education develops professionals who think critically and use best practices in diverse educational and clinical environments.


The College of Education will lead in integrated best practices for learning and teaching, the advancement of knowledge through research and scholarship, and the preparation of professionals who provide exemplary educational and related services to improve the lives of individuals in a changing, complex, multicultural, and global society.


Philosophy and Purpose of Student Teaching

The single and controlling purpose of the student teaching experience is the development, through practice, of competence in the art and science of teaching. All activities are directed toward this goal. Success in student teaching requires that the student teacher perform at a high level of excellence in both practice and in non-instructional activities. To perform at such a level, the student teacher must exhibit competence so that his/her approach will aid the development of the pupils in the classroom.

Such a level of competence includes both skills and philosophy. Skill in the understanding and modification of human behavior and the mastery of the subject matter of one's field are important attributes, as are skills in the art of human relations and the practice of the ethics of the profession. Appreciation of the philosophy of the school and belief in the practice of democracy throughout the school is mandatory. Belief in global education for all and respect for individual differences constitute a philosophy that is desirable. Such a philosophy will sustain, and give direction to student teachers as they develop through the practice of their chosen profession.

The main function and purpose of student teaching experiences, as reflected in the above statement, are to help the student teacher: (1) achieve success in teaching situations; and (2) effectiveness and positive influence on studnets' learning and development; (3) develop professional dispositions.


Student Teaching

Student Teacher
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