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Admission & Fees

            Follow a link below for SU MBA admissions information, or scroll down for all information.

What We Look For?

The MBA program at Southern University selects applicants from varied business and other backgrounds who have the potential to become successful global leaders. The Admissions Committee seeks to develop a thorough understanding of each applicant prior to rendering a decision. We assess candidates in three basic areas:

Academic Strength
The committee values academic performance and seeks candidates who demonstrate superior intellectual ability.

Professional Skills & Goals
Close attention is paid to each applicant's professional accomplishments as well as to his or her professional ambitions. The committee seeks applicants who have developed a strong foundation and/or essential skills for their future professional goals.

Personal Characteristics
The committee seeks to enroll individuals of strong character who have proven themselves as both leaders and team players, who are well rounded and interesting and who have demonstrated the will and ability to actively contribute to the well-being of their community. The Admissions Committee endeavors to select a group of people representing an extraordinary variety of professions, nationalities, ethnicities and personal interests.

Application Requirements

Admission to the program is based on Southern University Graduate School Admission Requirements and MBA Faculty Advisory Committee's overall assessment of the following criteria:
-Grade Point Average (GPA):
-Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
-Length and scope of work experience.
-Leadership experience.
-Written essay.
-Personal interview with members of MBA Faculty Advisory Committee.
-Three Letters of Recommendation

International Students

Applicants outside the United States or applicants who earned their previous college degrees outside the United States must submit all applications by the published deadlines, but no later than 90 days prior to the beginning of the Semester for which admission is sought. This is to allow time for processing the application and preparing documents needed to obtain entry visas and to facilitate travel plans to the United States. International applicants must submit the following additional materials as part of the admission application:

OFFICIAL TOEFL SCORES - This is required of all applicants who completed and earned undergraduate degrees outside the United States. Applicants from English -speaking countries and/or former British Colonies are exempted

(U. S. Department of Justice Form I-134) is required from all International applicants

Copy of valid visa and passport


Upon an intial screening of an applicant's file, the Admissions Committee determines whether a candidate moves on to the next stage of consideration. Those candidates selected for further consideration are contacted for an interview. Interviews are required for all applicants.

Application Deadlines




Late Fee



April 5th




November 1st


Late Applications:

The Graduate School will accept late applications on a case by case basis, upon the payment of an additional late fee of $10.00. While efforts will be made to process such late applications, it must be noted that the Graduate School is not and will not be under any obligation to process such late applications in any given semester/term.


The following materials must be submitted to the Graduate School by the published deadline. All materials, once submitted, become the property of the University and cannot be returned.

Download the application form.
The fully completed application for admission to a degree program

The applicant must request the Registrar of each University or College previously attended (including Southern University) to send applicant's official transcripts directly to the above address.

Graduate Record Examination (GMAT) - General Test Scores must be sent directly by the Educational Testing Service for all applicants.

An application for admission to the Graduate School must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of twenty- five ($25.00) dollars in the form of money order or Bank Cashier's check (drawn on a U.S. Bank) made payable to Southern University. An additional late fee of ten ($10.00) dollars will be assessed and must accompany all applications postmarked and/or received after the respective published deadlines.