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Campus Computing



To address the needs of All Faculty, Staff and Student, training will be conducted by departments and in some cases one-on one. Times and dates will be selected by the departments for better participations. (First come First Serve Scheduling) One-on-one training will also be selected by the individual. (First Come First Serve Scheduling)

Training can be schedule on the following:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Blackboard
  • Moodle
  • LiveText
  • Use of Equipment in Electronic Classroom
  • Apple TV
  • Lecture Capture

Any other specialized training that is needed will be addressed with the appropriate personnel.


New Multimedia Classroom Consultation

Need help with implementing Multi Media Technologies into the Traditional Classroom, or technology integration?

Southern University Baton Rouge Campus offers Multimedia consultations to help department leadership launch their initiatives in an organized and disciplined way. Walking through all of the steps for developing Multimedia Classroom or technology integration. With a trained professional we can help you better understand how to develop your new classroom, and set reasonable timelines for completing the process.

The consultation covers the many aspects of classroom design, including quality service and sustainability, design, construction, renovation of existing classrooms, maintaining the new multimedia classrooms, and faculty training and support.

Initial consultations usually take less than an hour; simply come prepared with your questions and we'll help connect you with the information and resources you need.

Schedule a Consultation

To schedule a consultation, please contact, or by phone (225) 771-5018.


Lecture Capture

Capture HD records and distributes lecture content from the classroom and or training lab so your audience can access it 24x7. Capture HD is easy for the entire staff to use for deployment across any environment. Best of all, people can view lectures in high-definition wherever and whenever they choose.

There are 5 Specialized Electronic Classrooms located on Campus for Capturing Lectures.

  • Fisher Hall Room 106
  • Lee Hall Room 102 A
  • Moore Hall Room 218
  • Nursing Room 126
  • TT Allain Room 214

These rooms are available to ALL Faculty Members pending availalbility.

 Room Policy

This policy governs the use of classroom & meeting room space reservations for faculty/staff, student groups and University Departments. These spaces are also available to non-university groups during the academic year if available.

Faculty/staff, student groups, University Departments & non-university groups may request meeting space in the common area meeting rooms. These requests shall be considered on a first-come, first-served basis based on availability of meeting rooms after permanent building occupants' needs are met.


  • University faculty/staff, student groups and University Departments has first priority on scheduling of classrooms & meeting rooms and should be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Rooms can be scheduled for non-university related purposes at least three (3) days and no more than seven (7) days in advance.
  • University faculty/staff, student groups and university departments using classrooms & meeting rooms are required to follow all policies in the University Handbook. This information can be found on the?????
  • Our buildings are open 7:30am - 10:00 p.m. Reservations from non-student groups cannot go beyond this time limit.
  • Groups that have properly reserved classroom and/or meeting rooms may use the rooms until the next reservation time, (at least 30 minutes prior to) at which time we request that they vacate the room.
  • Property within each room such as pictures, furniture, works of art or any equipment may not be taken from the room. Any person found in possession of or damaging articles belonging to the Department will be subject to disciplinary actions and payment for damages.
  • No tape, adhesive tacks or other mechanical devices may be used to attach signs to the walls without permission.
  • Groups and/or individuals will be charged for any damages to the meeting rooms and equipment.
  • Groups and/or individuals will not be allow to use rooms in the future if the rooms are not left in presentable order (clear).
  • Use of the facilities does not in any way imply that the university endorses, encourages, or approves the purpose of the user.
  • Scheduled activities must not disrupt or interfere with other meetings, or scheduled activities.
  • Smoking is prohibited in ALL university buildings.
  • The university does not allow loitering or overnight sleeping in the public spaces.

Room Set-Up

Each classroom and meeting room has a standard room set-up. The group may alter the room set, but the room must be returned to the original configuration. Generally, the set-up of the room when you enter should be the same set-up when you leave.

Please note: We are not able to routinely service all electronic equipment; therefore we do not assume any responsibility for its working condition at the time of check-out. If operational assistance is needed with electronic equipment, the group using it will need to contact the Division of Information Technology for a prior check of this equipment if time permits.

Audio and Visual Equipment

Ceiling projector, computer workstation and screens are available in some larger meeting rooms.

Other equipment in rooms may include a sound system with freestanding microphone(s) and CD/DVD player(s).

  • Request to use all other equipment is available for check-out through DoIT and filled on a first-come, first served basis. The A/V equipment is available only for events held inside. The requestor will pick up and return all equipment to DoIT immediately on the next calendar weekday after the event.
  • If equipment is not returned or if it is damaged. The user of the A/V equipment is responsible for the repair or replacement of the equipment.
  • If sound systems are used in the common area meeting rooms, the decibel range shall be restricted to a level that is not disruptive of other activities in the building.
  • Organized and/or amplified sound is not permitted during normal working hours in any public areas on any level unless it is used for an event that has been approved by the Southern University
  • Complaints of disruption shall be reported to the Southern University Police Department.

Conference Call Telephone

A telephone for use of a conference call within the meeting rooms is available for check-out. Request should be made when requesting the room reservation to ensure availability.

Food Policy

Any group that wishes to distribute food must receive a waiver from Aramark.

Room Reservation

Please make reservations at least 24 hrs. in advance.

Fill out this form to reserve a room (First come first serve) please use this form. Click Here fpr the Room Reservation Form (PDF)

You will receive an email confirmation along with your reserved room number.

Click here to see what rooms we have and what amenities they have.


Computer Labs

The computer labs provide convenient locations where members of the university community can access web resources and Information Technology licensed software applications to meet their academic needs. The labs are located in the Student Union and T.T. Allian Hall.