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Network and Infrastructure Services

Network and Infrastructure Services

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure is responsible for designing, implementing, and managing solutions, which provides for the University's data, video and phone communications.

Services provided by Network Infrastructure include installation and maintenance of metallic and fiber optical cabling, data and video network architectural design, related software specification and configuration; and the specification, operation and maintenance of transmission hardware and software. Our mission is to Identify, implement, and provide resources and services that are in-line with and exceed university requirements for instruction, research and service while positioning the university to succeed competitively nationwide.

Wireless Network Infrastructure

Southern University implemented a wireless infrastructure on the Baton Rouge campus to initially provide coverage for the older residential buildings and the Library.  With the increase usage of wireless technology over the years, we have expanded our infrastructure to include all residential, academic and administration areas of the campus.  Our future goals are to increase the coverage in residential & academic areas and extended it to athletic facilities and outdoor campus areas. The goal is to enhance the functionality of the wireless campus network by extending it to making our academic and online resources available to our students, faculty, and staff without wires.

Cable TV services

  • Provide exceptional television services in residential & academic areas on Southern University 's campus
  • Provide maintenance & repair to cable television outlets and wiring
  • Provide new television services for newly erected buildings or at a department's request.

Network Security

Network Security provides the Southern University community with the tools and resources needed to maintain the security of information and the technology that we use to manage it.  Network security keeps up with outbreaks that may affect SU network, ensuring that Southern University users are aware of possible problems and ways to protect them appropriately. 

What we do to protect the network is analyze daily network scans and investigate network traffic, while aiding in emergency response and disaster recovery by tracking down and resolving serious incidents, and coordinate with the campus judiciary system and law-enforcement agencies.

We evaluate the security of Southern University's computers, networks, and data as well as personal workstations through general network scans and other methods to determine current vulnerability status. Also, we educate the SU population on how to safely use technology by identifying and promoting the "best practices" regarding security of data and systems by sending alerts for current viruses, attacks, and other security vulnerabilities.

Research is also done to implement new ideas for classes and security initiatives, while reviewing new communications applications and suggesting secure applications for use at the University and in University projects.  We introduce campus standards for security, and review applicable policies and procedures in the context of these standards.




Cisco Communication Manager

The Cisco Communication Manager provides the primary communications platform used by the Southern University A & M College ,SU System office, SU Lab School, and SU AG Center. Users may select from a wide variety of telephone models from basic single-line to advanced-display models. 

System features


Enterprise Services

Numerous enterprise services are provided to the university faculty, staff, and students.

Remote Computing

Computer resources are available to remote users via Remote Desktop terminal services.  Access to various applications are available to the remote user using this service.


The helpdesk assists both students and faculty/staff with services such as password resets, software installs/machine reimaging and computer repair for campus owned property including deployment of new equipment as needed. We also assist students with Microsoft Office downloads and make recommendations for anti-malware and anti-virus solutions.

Email System

Office 365 is a Microsoft hosted messaging solution that delivers the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook as a cloud-based service. This means your email services and data will be located in data centers owned and managed by Microsoft. It gives users a rich and familiar access to email, calendar and contacts allowing access by PC's, Mac, the web and mobile devices. By utilizing this service, it removes the University's operational burden for an on-premises hosted email service.


  • 50 GB mailboxes
  • Web email access via Outlook Web app
  • Mobile App access
  • Integrated address book and calendaring through MS Outlook
  • Access to download Microsoft Office products
  • Access to the Web version of MS Word 2013 and MS Excel 2013.


Software Downloads

We provide each registered student and faculty member the ability of download and install (free of charge) the MS Office product suite.  For Windows based PCs users can download MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, MS Lync, and MS Publisher.  Apple workstations can also download the appropriate MS Office suites free of charge.  There are also various other MS Office software that can be accessed via mobile devices.