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Mission, Vision, Core Values and Institutional Goals

Mission Statement 

The mission of Southern University and A&M College, an historically black, 1890 land grant institution, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is to provide a student-focused teaching and learning environment that creates global leadership opportunities for a diverse student population where teaching, research, service, scholarly and creative expectations for students and faculty are achieved through the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs offered at the institution via different instructional modalities and via public service.

Vision Statement

To provide access and opportunity to students and matriculate graduates who are equipped to excel in a 21st century, knowledge-based, global economy.

Core Values

Student Centered: Students are the focus of institutional priorities, resource decisions, and planning. As stewards of student needs, we are advocates for student access, success, completion, placement in the workforce and / or in graduate or professional programs.

Academic Excellence: Academic excellence is the provision of the highest quality educational and learning experiences made possible by academically and professionally qualified faculty and staff, opportunities for contextual learning, state- of-the-art facilities, safe and aesthetically pleasing surroundings, and resources necessary to support teaching and learning.

Access: Access fosters the opportunity and possibility for anyone associated with Southern University and A&M College to acquire a quality educational experience at an affordable price.

Integrity: Integrity involves honesty and fairness, consistency in instruction, ethics of scholarship, freedom of inquiry, and open and truthful engagement with the community through effective communication, policies and practices.

Research and Scholarship: Southern University and A&M College serves as an incubator and champion for both basic and applied research as well as entrepreneurial endeavors that produce knowledge of intrinsic and practical value. With an emphasis on partnerships, research and service projects, the university employs emerging technology to prepare students to contribute to the well-being of all communities.

Innovation: Innovation is the creative and deliberate application of teaching, research, scholarship and service for the development of products and services that provide added value to Louisiana and beyond.

Diversity: Differences in views, interpretations and reactions derived from diversity are important. Diversity enriches a learning environment focused on preparing individuals to live and work in a global society.

Community: Southern University and A&M College is a community of faculty staff, students and alumni that share a common identity and purpose that engages with the university’s external community through diverse services and programs. Our global community continues to demonstrate unequivocal support of our institutional mission.

Institutional Goals

  1. Commitment to Student Access and Affordability
  2. Commitment to Academic Excellence and Student Success
  3. Commitment to Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability
  4. Commitment to Scholarly Research, Discovery, and Entrepreneurship
  5. Commitment to Fundraising and Philanthropic Support
  6. Commitment to Improve Campus Life through Infrastructural Development
  7. Commitment to Promote the SUBR Brand through Outreach and Global Engagement
  8. Commitment to Enhance Campus Technology
  9. Commitment to Invest in Human Capital and Strengthen Human Resources Operations
  10. Commitment to Quality Customer Service