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Security News


Network Security Services

Welcome to Southern University source for information technology security. Network Security Services (NSS) is responsible
for network and systems security at Southern University - Baton Rouge.

NSS works with system administrators, students, staff, and faculty, to protect the SUBR network, as well as law
enforcement entities, in response to security incidents.

Southern University is rich in technology resources that store vast amounts of information, with high speed reliable network
capacity. Unfortunatley, these same resources also make our univeristy a target of hackers and others who would attack the
network in efforts to exploit this great technology evironment.




PLEASE be aware of the Confiker (or Downadup) virus. The Confiker worm disables Windows security features and can compromise an infected computer so that it can be used to attack others. The virus can gather personal and other forms of information as well.

To protect your machines:

  • Ensure virus protection and all security patches for Microsoft are up-to-date on your machine.
  • Run a scanning tool (such as Malwarebytes or Spybot Search and Destroy ) on your system.
  • If you have a current non-supported Microsoft Operating system (such as a trial period OS) and/or virus protection product, please contact DoIT for supported versions.

More information about about this virus, read click here