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Minor in Supply Chain Management

Minor in  Supply Chain Management





I.      Program Description:

 The Undergraduate Minor in Supply chain Management/ERP prepares professionals planning to enter, or further, their career in the area of Supply Chain and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP). The program provides its students with core concepts and competencies in modern supply chain management strategy and practices, design, implementation, operations, and technology applications that will prepare students to manage global supply chains. In addition, students are train to use ERP/SAP R/3 System, Project Management, and other management software, providing highly employable skills.

 The Supply Chain Management minor consists of 18 credit hours which include the following courses.  All courses are currently being offered by the Department of Management and Marketing.

 1.      Junior Year: First Semester

 MGMT 300 Principles of Management                                 (3 credit Hours)

 2.      Junior Year: Second Semester

MGMT 310 Production Management                                     (3 credit Hours)

3.      Senior Year: First Semester

MGMT 312 Purchasing and Materials Management            (3 credit Hours) 

MGMT 445 Logistics and Transportation Systems              (3 credit Hours) 

4.      Senior Year: Second Semester

MGMT 410 Supply Chain Management                                 (3 credit Hours) 

MGMT 446 Enterprise Resource Planning using SAP R/3  (3 credit Hours) 


II.    Program Objectives:

Upon completion of the Minor in Supply Chain Management, a student will be able to:

   ? Demonstrate competencies and knowledge of Supply Chain planning and execution functions and processes in a global holistic manner.

   ? Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to recognize, evaluate information, and solve problems in supply chain design, operations and strategy by using supply chain tools and techniques to make effective supply chain management decisions.

   ? Use Enterprise Resource Planning/SAP System and other technologies to effectively manage and operate supply chain environments.

   ? Demonstrate effective interpersonal, leadership, and team skills for working in a dynamic Supply Chain Management environment by participating in team projects, professional organizations.



Course #

Course Title


 MGMT 300  Principles of Management Fall-Spring-SM
 MGMT 310  Production Management Fall-Spring-SM

MGMT 312

Purchasing and Materials Management


MGMT 410

Supply Chain Management   


MGMT 445

Logistics and Transportation Systems 


MGMT 446

Enterprise Resource Planning using SAP R/3