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Dr. Sanjay Batra Openings



  The focus of Dr. Batra's laboratory is to identify the novel molecular mechanisms associated with host immune responses subsequent to secondhand smoke exposure and/or during pulmonary challenge with microbial/ environmental toxicants.  The indepth studies in relation to lipid rafts, immunoproteasomes, histone deacetylases and tyrosine kinases may lead to the development of novel therapeutic or prevention strategies. Our focus is  to determine the innate and adaptive immune responses regulated by the above major players and their  therapeutic potential.  Dr. Batra's group will be dissecting these pathways using both cell culture (in vitro) and animal (in vivo) models. Techniques to be utilized will be: Cell culture, Imaging, immunoprecipitations, kinase assays, flow cytometry. Western blotting, subcellular fractionations. Undergraduate students, summer scholars, and graduate students who have keen interest in pulmonary immuno-toxicology are encouraged to contact Dr. Sanjay Batra at for potential openings in the laboratory.