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High Performance Computing Lab

Our Lab is affiliated with Department of Computer Science at Southern University-Baton Rouge. This Lab was established in Spring 2008 and was supported by DoD, DOE, NSF, NASA, LBRN/NIH, Louisiana state BoR fundings. Our major research areas include computational material, computational biomedical research, machine learning and high temperature high pressure experimental observations. Here is a picture taken in our lab on April 25, 2022.

Group News

  • Welcome Dr. J. Lei, graduate students G. Oyekenu, C. Clayto, L. Bodd, undergraduate students M. Orimma, S. Poudel.
  • Our LBNL BL-12.2.2 2019 beamtime is assigned at May 26 ~ 27, June 30 ~ July 1, and Dec. 20 ~21.
  • Welcome our summer 2019 REU and interns: R. Luo, A. Askins, and S. Babins.
  • Welcome Dr. C. Zhang, graduate students Uttam Bhandari, and Sai Uppu starting Jan. 1, 2019.
  • Welcome our new CIMM REU 2018 student Tahj J. Delasbour and 2018 SURE student Gregory Richard!
  • LBNL BL-12.2.2 2018 beamtime is assigned at Nov. 3 ~ 4 and Dec. 21 ~ 22.
  • Congratulations on Cheng Guo's new position at Microsoft (Shanghai).
  • Prof. Starovoytov works on big data IBM project starting on Jan. 1, 2017, congratulations!
  • Our project using LBNL 12-2-2 2017 beamtime is approved on Nov. 1, 2016. Keep good works.
  • Our data mining/analysis subproject is approved by NSF, congratulations!
  • Josiah Hanson joined our 2016 Summer REU program. Wlecome Hanson.
  • Dr. Tan joined EE department as a permanent staff in Spring 2016, congratulations!
  • Lokeshwar Chilla joined our group in Spring 2016.
  • Cheng Guo started new job in Scandy in January 2016, congratulations!
  • NSF CIMM project started in Oct. 2015, congratulations CIMMers!
  • Yalin was admitted into PhD. program in Notre Dame in Fall 2016, congratulations!
  • Jialin passed PhD. comprehensive in Fall 2015, congratulations!
  • Drs. Khosravi and Yang visited HPSTAR in Shanghai and CAST in Chongqing May 22 ~ May 31, 2015.
  • High School Rally was hosted in T.T. Allain on Mar. 22, 2015.
  • Hao Luo started HPSTAR technical training on Mar. 1 in Shanghai.
  • Daniel was admitted in Physics Ph.D. program at Hampton University on Feb. 12, 2015.
  • Daniel stated NASA training in August, 2014.
  • Daniel Hart's ORNL summer 2014 research project was approved. Congratulations !
  • Our HEA design project was introduced on Winter 2014  USBE & IT .
  • Dr. Feng Gao's paper was published on  ACS Catalyst . Congratulations !
  • Jialin's grain boundary rotation detection paper was published on  PNAS . Congratulations !
  • Congratulations on Yalin Liu: Chief Student Marshal of the Fall 2013 graduation.
  • LASiGMA invited Dr. Jian Wang from LANL to visit our group and SU/LSU Labs and to make a presentation on April 16, 2014. His talk is titled:
  • "Nucleation, Propagation, Growth, and Interactions of Deformation Twins in Hexagonal-Close-Packed Metals"
  • Our LBNL beamtime in BL-12-2-2 was approved and scheduled in:
  • 9am Wed April 23 - 8am Sun April 27 work (12 shifts).
  • Schedule posted at .
  • Chen group's beamtime in BL-12-2-2 is in April 17 - April 21.