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Department of Criminal Justice

Graduate Program

Message from the Program Leader

Welcome to all of you who have shown interest in the Criminal Justice Program(s) at Southern University and A&M College, housed under the Nelson Mandela College of Government and Social Sciences. Criminal Justice is a popular interdisciplinary that offers a variety of opportunities for its graduates. In addition, there is no greater time than now to become a part of this dynamic field with an opportunity to make a difference by providing a positive impact in the lives of individuals, helping to reshape communities, affecting policy changes, etc. Our Department is particularly interested in equipping students with knowledge of the various segments that make up the criminal justice system.  The Department’s goal is to foster development in creative and scholarly achievements as well as aspiring our students towards leadership roles in criminal justice, locally, regionally, nationally, and abroad. The Department offers guidance from faculty members whose credentials and background cover a wide range of knowledge and experience in criminal justice, which includes, academic scholarship as well as law enforcement (i.e., federal, state, and local), judges, lawyers, corrections experts and former administration (i.e., former prison warden, probation and parole agents, adult and youth counselors, inmate and victim advocates, and even academicians etc. In addition, graduates of the Department have transitioned into employment in the field of criminal justice and other related areas at the local, state, federal, international levels. Among some of the employment opportunities where our students have obtained employments include city, local, state, and federal police departments, homeland security, U. S. Marshall, Chief of police, probation and patrol agencies, the legal profession (i.e., attorneys). Some of our students pursue their doctorate in criminal justice and/or related areas.

All of us in the Department hope that students strongly consider making criminal justice your field of endeavor to continue your academic career. We have a welcoming staff that is equipped with information to help you navigate through the department and college whose goal is to make your matriculation as smooth as possible.


Again, welcome and best wishes,

Stephone K. Addison

Interim Chair, Criminal Justice Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Criminal Justice Programs, both undergraduate and graduate students, is to provide opportunities to diverse student population to achieve high-quality national and global educational experience in the field of Criminal Justice. In addition, students are provide with opportunities to engage in scholarly research and creative activities. At the undergraduate level, the C.J Department’s mission is to equip students to think critically about the causes and consequences of crime and criminal behavior, and about the evolving issues in the field of criminal justice. In addition, the Department’s mission to exceptionally equip students to join the ranks of professionals working in the field of criminal justice, as well as, equip those who plan to obtain advanced degrees or continue their education in other professional careers. At the master’s level, the Department’s mission is for the students to develop critical thinking and research skills so they are able to expand their conceptual and practical knowledge critical to the fulfillment of leadership roles in criminal justice agencies. Master’s degree students who plan to proceed to Doctoral programs acquire a thorough knowledge in theories, (criminological/administrative--organizational), research methodologies, and empirical findings that promote in-depth scientific understanding of the issues in criminal justice systems.

Program Objective

The Criminal Justice Master’s Program is designed: (a) to provide students with advanced knowledge, research, and analytical skills that should contribute to their educational and professional development and (b) to provide the students the theoretical knowledge, professional, leadership, and management skills that should enable them to function effectively in the criminal justice agencies, such as the police, prisons, juvenile justice, probation, private security, etc.

The Program targets students interested in the criminal justice system who have a committed interest in enhancing their professional and management skills as well as in advancing their education.

Programs and Degrees Offered

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Courses Offered and Descriptions

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Faculty and Staff

Stephone Addison (J.D., Southern University Law School). Assistant Professor in Criminal Justice. Areas of interest includes, Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Orscini Beard (Ph.D., Public Policy, MS in Criminal Justice, Southern University and A&M College JD, Southern University Law School) Assistant Professor in Criminal Justice and Public Administration. Area of interests include: Criminal Law and Procedure, Issues in Legal Ethics.

Russell Dawkins (Ph.D., Criminal Justice and Criminology, University of Maryland). Postdoctoral Fellow, Education Research Center at John Hopkins University. Professor in Criminal Justice. Interests include, Adult and Juvenile Corrections, Criminology, Delinquency and Crime Prevention.

Geraldine Doucet (Ph.D., Juvenile Justice, Prairie View A & M University; ABD in Criminal Justice, Sam Huston University; MA in Criminal Justice, Louisiana University of Monroe. Associate Professor of Criminal Justice. Area of interests include: Corrections, Correctional Health, Geriatrics Inmate Issues, Juvenile Justice/Delinquency Issues, Zero Tolerance Impact and School Crime.

Chanika Jones (Ph.D., Sociology, Louisiana State University). Associate Professor in Criminal Justice. Interests include, Criminological Research, Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Research, and African Diaspora Studies.

Johnnie Jones (Ph.D. Human Ecology, MS in Social Work, Louisiana State University). Adjunct in Criminal Justice. Area of interests include: Interracial Interactions (Racism), Single Black Custodial Fathers.

C. Hunter King (JD, Southern University Law School; MS in Criminal Justice, Southern University and A & M College). Instructor in Criminal Justice. Area of interests include: Litigating cases in court; Writing journals, Assistant Editor of Southern University Law Review Journal (Researching law legal issues), Insurance Law and Constitutional Law.

Adjunct Faculty

John Hart (Ph.D. Public Policy, Southern University at New Orleans). Adjunct in Criminal Justice. Areas of Interest include, Criminal Investigation, Homeland Security and Policing.

James Jefferson III (MA, Criminal Justice, Southern University and A&M College). Adjunct in Criminal Justice. Areas of interest include, Criminal Justice, Criminology and corrections. Currently work for Louisiana State Police. Sergeant in Internal Affairs.

Ganiyu Jimoh (MS, Criminal Justice, Loyola University New Orleans). Adjunct in Criminal Justice. Areas of interests include, Criminal Justice, Law, and Investigation, Criminology, Justice Administration, Ethical Dilemma in Criminal Justice, Juvenile Delinquency and Victimology.

Donald Johnson (Ph.D. Criminal Justice, University of Southern Mississippi; J.D. Louisiana State University Law School). Adjunct in Criminal Justice. Areas of interest include Philosophy, Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Jason Matthews (MS, Criminal Justice, Southern University and A&M College) Adjunct in Criminal Justice. Areas of interest include Law Enforcement, Community Policing, and Interview and Interrogation

Louis Perry (MS, Criminal Justice, Southern University and A&M College) Adjunct in Criminal Justice. Areas of interest include Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement.  

Alberta Robertson (MA, Criminal Justice, Southern University and A&M College) Criminal Justice Online Programs Coordinator, Adjunct in Criminal Justice. Interest Includes, Workplace Violence, Protection Assess.

Christopher Williams (Ph.D. Higher Education Leadership, NOVA Southeastern University; MA, Criminal Justice, Southern University at New Orleans) Adjunct in Criminal Justice. Areas of interest include, criminology, criminal justice, emergency preparedness, human resources and higher education leadership.

Contact Information

Addison, Stephone, JD, MA 

Assistant Professor

Interim Chair, Criminal Justice

Email: | Phone:  225.771.2906


Robertson, Alberta, MS


Criminal Justice Online Coordinator

Email: | Phone: 225.771.4597


Rogers-Blazio, Karen

Administrative Assistant

Email: | Phone: 225.771.2906 or 225.771.5732