EE8 Research Capabilities


The department of Electrical Engineering is contained in two buildings on the Baton Rouge campus: a new four-story engineering complex (Pinchback Eng Building) and Moore Hall. Departmental Offices and five laboratories are located on the fourth floor of Pinchback Eng Building. Five classrooms and thirteen laboratories are located in Moore Hall. Ten faculty and two staff members, a secretary and a laboratory technician, are employed by the department.


The department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Through the Graduate School, the department offers the Master of Engineering degree with options in Telecommunications and Computer Networking and Electronic Materials and Processing Engineering.


Focus Research Areas

Airborne Radar Modeling and Simulation :   Geo-location and simulation of enemy positions and  two-dimensional beam steering and adaptive optics in developing the electronic system

Solid State Devices & Microelectronics Fabrication:  Field of solid state devices and micro-electromechanical devices and systems; cutting edge study of MOSFETs and miniaturization of sensors for adhoc networks using a class 100 Clean Room; miniaturization of Li-Ion battery and dry processing.

Telecommunications & Networking:  Stochastic modeling and data-compression for various air force applications such as cognitive radio; efficient numerical algorithms and experimental simulations to help improve complex systems including ad-hoc sensor networks and networked robotics.

High Performance Computing & Visualization

Ultra modern CAVE experimental setup to compute and visualize algorithms requiring less time and computer memory than conventional algorithms and hurricane in non-turbulent weather and then using the analysis to real world problems.


For contract work or research assistance in these areas, please contact the following researcher(s):

Bhattacharya, Pradeep K., Ph.D. Professor

Areas of Interest:  Dr. Bhattacharya's teaching and research interests are in the areas of Electronic Materials, Sensors, Nano-particles and nanostructures, Polymer applications, Semiconductor device physics, Processing & Process Modeling, Device Measurement & Characterization, Reliability, Interactions of Electrons, Ions & X-rays with Microelectronic Structures, Bonding, Oxidation, Ion Implantation, Materials modification, Ion beam analysis, Ion Micro-beams, CW & Pulsed Laser Processing, X-ray lithography & micro-machining of electro-mechanical systems.


Lacy, Fred, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Areas of Interest:  Dr. Lacy's research interests are in the areas of electronics and biosensors and the development of such devices for various applications (such as bacteria detection and oxygen free radical measurements). He develops these electronic sensors using IC (integrated circuit) technology and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) processing. Dr. Lacy's teaching interests are in the areas of electronics, biosensors, solid state physics, electromagnetic field theory, and AC/DC circuits, various biomedical applications of sensors.


Luo, Jiecai, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Areas of Interest:  Dr. Luo's teaching  interests are areas of control, signal processing and microelectronics; and  research topics are : (1) New algorithms for moving objects estimation; (2) Data compression effect on (RF) Signal Geolocation; (3) Data Fusion and collaborative signal processing; (4) Sensor network;  (5) Image processing and applied computer vision; (6) Large scale image retrieval; (7) Generalized optimal control (with mixed control actions: impulse control action and continuous control action); (8) Disturbance rejection; (9) UAV cooperative control; (10) Content-based large scale image segmentation; (11) Content-based large scale image features analysis and retrieval; (12)Stressful disturbance generating and testing for dynamical systems.


Majlesien, Hamid, Ph.D., Professor
Areas of Interest:   Dr. Majlesein's research interests are in the areas of Electric Power Systems, Computer Networks, and Digital Signal Processing. Dr. Majlesein's teaching interests are in the areas of Network Analysis, Machinery, Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Control Systems, Power Systems, Probability and Random Signals, and Computer Networks.


Shaban, Elhag, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Interest:   X -ray detectors, Circuit Theory, Electronics, Physical Electronics, and Digital Logic.


Smith II, Raife, Ph.D., Professor

Areas of Interest:   Dr. Smith's teaching and research interests are in the areas of Communications Signals and Systems, Broadband Telecommunications Network Design and Optimization, and Stochastic Modeling. Dr. Smith's consulting interests are in enterprise network and public switched network modeling, design and


Walker, Ernest L., Ph.D., P.E., Research Professor

Areas of Interest:   Dr. Walker's teaching and research interests are in the areas of telecommunications system design and stochastic modeling. Dr. Walker is a Registered Professional Engineer in the states of North Carolina and West Virginia. Dr. Walker's current research are in the areas of sensor networks, cognitive radio, and MIMO


Dr. Zhengmao  Ye, Ph.D, Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest: Dr. Ye's teaching and research interests include modeling, control and optimization with diverse applications on automotive, electrical, mechanical and biomedical systems, as well as signal processing and image processing. Dr. Ye is the Founder and Director of Systems and Controls Laboratory at Southern University. Dr. Ye is a Senior Member of IEEE.

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