Comprehensive Standard 3.4.3

5.             The institution publishes admissions policies that are consistent with its mission. (Comprehensive Standard 3.4.3)

X Compliance           ___ Non-Compliance


Southern  University and A&M College serves a diverse student population in keeping with its mission to provide "a high-quality, global educational experience, to engage in scholarly, research, and creative activities, and to give meaningful public service to the community, the state, the nation, and the world." In order to achieve these aims, the University publishes admission policies in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs and on its web pages. The policies address the following areas: freshmen, honors students, adult students, students with a GED, students from unapproved high schools, students with provisional, early or concurrent admission, international students, transfer students, readmission of undergraduate students, students with disabilities and unclassified students. Although the Louisiana Board of Regents, Louisiana's higher education governing board, directs the undergraduate admission requirements, the policies reflect the University's commitment to equal access to all qualified students, which is articulated clearly in its mission statement. In order for students to immediately partake in provided educational experiences, scholarly opportunities and meaningful public service to a diverse student body, students have to enter the University academically prepared. After entering the University, the students are further immersed in a positive, educational environment that offers continuous opportunities to become competent, informed and productive citizens. The admission policy of all the Colleges and Schools is also published within the respective chapters of these academic units in the university catalog, 2014-2017.

The Graduate School’s requirements are also linked to the University’s mission. All graduate programs pursue and admit students who have a demonstrated record in theirundergraduate and career work. All students must submit 3 letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose that provides a clear and detailed story of how they can contribute to the University’s respective program. Graduate students are admitted based on their educational and professional experience. SUBR’s faculty built upon those competencies to provide content knowledge, professional training and specialty area development to ensure life-long success.

Supporting Documentation

SUBR Mission Statement
SUBR Undergraduate Admissions Website

SUBR Undergraduate Catalog
pgs. 13-19
College of Agricultural, Family and Consumer Sciences Admission Policy pg. 163
College of Education, Arts and Humanities Admission Policy pg. 91
College of Business Admission Policy pg. 78
College of Engineering and Computer Science Admission Policy pg. 117
College of Sciences and Agriculture Admission Policy pg. 150
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences pg. 145
School of Nursing and Allied Health Admission Policy pg. 139
Graduate School Admission website

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