Federal Requirement 4.2

9.                 The institution's curriculum is directly related and appropriate to the mission and goals of the institution and the diplomas, certificates, or degrees awarded. (Federal Requirement 4.2)

X  Compliance           ___ Non-Compliance


All programs at the institution are directly related to and appropriate for the mission of Southern University and A & M College at Baton Rouge. The University’s Curriculum Committee consists of a diverse group of faculty and administrators from the six colleges. This committee reviews all new programs, new courses, and enhanced courses, and makes a decision relative to its alignment with the university’s mission and strategic plan. The University’s Curriculum Committee makes a recommendation to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, who makes a recommendation to the President-Chancellor. All new programs must be approved by the Louisiana Board of Regents. Alignment of a proposed, new program of study with the institution’s mission is a part of the Louisiana Board of Regents process for proposing a new degree program (see the Louisiana Board of Regents’ Letter of Intent to Develop a New Academic Program form). The Board of Regents ensures that institutions of higher education offer quality programs that are in keeping with their mission and goals.

The mission of Southern University and A&M College, an Historically Black, 1890 land-grant institution, is to provide opportunities for a diverse student population to achieve a high-quality, global educational experience, to engage in scholarly, research, and creative activities, and to give meaningful public service to the community, the state, the nation, and the world so that Southern University graduates are competent, informed, and productive citizens.  Southern University and A&M College (SUBR) is a publicly supported, co-educational, university whose graduates compete globally in their respective professional fields.  SUBR has a comprehensive offering of undergraduate, graduate and professional degree granting programs to meet the needs of its diverse learners. SUBR offers a wide variety of learning opportunities designed to allow its students to obtain a rigorous education in a variety of programs of study and educational experiences. 

SUBR offers a wide variety of learning opportunities designed to allow its students to obtain a rigorous education in a variety of programs of study and educational experiences.

SUBR is a comprehensive institution of higher learning, offering an array of baccalaureate, graduate, and professional degree programs.  In Fall 2013, SUBR streamlined its operations and moved from a nine-college model to a six-college model. The six colleges are as follows: College of Business; College of Education, Arts and Humanities; College of Engineering; College of Sciences and Agriculture; College of Social and Behavioral Sciences; and the School of Nursing and Allied Health. The curricula for every undergraduate degree program are found in the Southern University and A&M College Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2017. The graduate degree programs of study are located in the Graduate School Catalog 2014-2018.

The mission of the individual colleges is aligned with the university's mission and strategic plan.  Likewise, the mission of the departments, as well as the programs, is aligned with the mission of its college. To ensure that all SUBR students receive a high quality education in keeping with the university's mission and strategic plan, the General Education Program of Excellence (GEPE) was implemented. "GEPE contains core and foundation courses that are consistent with the University's mission and are purposeful, coherent, engaging, and rigorous. Knowledge and reasoning abilities are taught as part of the core and foundation courses as well as part of courses in academic fields of specialization. The GEPE incorporates essential knowledge, cognitive abilities, an understanding of values and ethics, and the enhancement of students' intellectual growth to develop strong, competent graduates. Additionally, the GEPE draws students into new areas of intellectual experience, expands their cultural and global awareness and sensibilities, and prepares them to make enlightened and informed judgments outside of as well as within their academic specialty" (Undergraduate Catalog, 2014-2017, p. 57).

SUBR ensures that all of its students engage in practical experiences in keeping with its mission and strategic plan.  Students who were first-time freshmen at any post-secondary institution on or after August 1, 1993, are required to complete a minimum of 60 clock hours of service learning as one of the requirements for graduation.  Additionally, Study Abroad Programs are an integral component of the Center for International and Continuing Education. A majority of the study abroad opportunities are conducted through the establishment of Memoranda of Understandings (MOUs) with selected universities throughout the world. A unique facet of the study abroad program is the combination of service learning with language acquisition. Students participate in service learning programs in various countries where they teach English, work with community projects and participate in health initiatives while enrolling in language classes during their stay in the selected country.

The educational programs at SUBR are reflective of the University's mission and strategic plan. SUBR has a rigorous process in place for the implementation of new degree programs and courses, and changes to existing courses. All new degree programs and courses, and changes to existing courses must be approved by the University’s Curriculum Committee.

SUBR offers 32 bachelor's degree programs, 16 master's degree programs, 5 post baccalaureate certificates, 5 doctoral degree programs, and 1 professional degree program, providing students with a total of 59 degree programs and certificates. SUBR has 93% of all programs accredited.  All active degree programs have been approved by the Louisiana Board of Regents. These programs are listed on the Board of Regents' Inventory of Active Degree and Certificate Programs (pages 44-45).  All programs undergo scheduled periodic program reviews to ascertain that programs meet the standards stipulated by the Louisiana Board of Regents.   

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