Federal Requirement 4.5

12.             The institution has adequate procedures for addressing written student complaints and is responsible for demonstrating that it follows those procedures when resolving student complaints. (Federal Requirement 4.5)

X  Compliance           ___ Non-Compliance


Southern University and A&M College at Baton Rouge (SUBR) maintains and follows adequate procedures for addressing written student complaints in a fair and professional manner. Such policies and procedures are applied to every student enrolled at SUBR, regardless of physical location or instructional modality. Comprehensive Standard 3.13.3 contains information concerning the maintenance of records related to written students complaints.

General Written Complaints

The academic grievance procedures are published in the Undergraduate Catalog and Graduate School Catalog and on the website. The procedures are outlined as follows.

If a student has a grievance that cannot be settled in the ordinary course of immediate post class discussion, the following procedures are suggested:

    • A special conference between the faculty member and the student should be arranged.
    • Discussion before the faculty member's department head.
    • Grievance presented in writing to the faculty member's dean.
    • Discussion before the faculty member's dean.
    • As a final option, the matter should be brought to the Office of Academic Affairs in writing.

Documentation of such academic grievances is maintained by the office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.

Supporting Documentation

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