Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I request my official transcript by mail?

    To request an official transcript a letter must be sent by mail to P.O. Box 9454. Your letter must include your social security number/student ID, the address requesting where the transcript will be sent, and a two dollar money order or cashier' check. We do not accept cash, personal checks, or electronic payments. NO EXCEPTIONS

  2. How long does processing take for transcripts?

    Most paperwork in our office takes 2-3 business days to process. The exception to this is verification letters that take 1 day and transcripts that take 3-4 days.

  3. Will the Registrar's Office print my schedule, change my address, or check JagNet?

    The Registrar's Office will not be able to process such request because of the overwhelming number of request of this type. However, students can use our self-service capability on JagNet to process these requests at one of the campus computer labs or John B. Cade Library.

  4. Can someone pick-up my transcript or other personally identifiable information?

    The Registrar's Office will only allow the release of your information to another entity or individual with your express written permission or subpoena. 

  5. Can I call the office to see the status of a transcript?

    The office of the Registrar prints thousands of transcript requests a year. It is important to understand that transcript request will be processed in the 3-4 day period (excluding mail time). Students and Alumni should not call the office requesting the status of a transcript.

  6. If I pay extra money can I get my transcript expedited?

  7. If I have a transcript hold on my account who's responsibility is it to get the hold cleared?

    It is the responsibility of each student to review their account to ensure they do not have a hold, transcript request will not be processed until the hold is lifted. After your hold is cleared, request by writing the reprocessing of your transcript request.


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Business Contact Information

The Office of the Registrar is located on the 1st Floor of T.H. Harris Hall, P.O. Box 9454, Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70813.
Phone: (225) 771-5050; Fax: (225) 771-5064  


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