Work Orders

Work Orders

Most work orders are for the recurrent, day-to-day, periodic, or scheduled actions required to keep a building system, equipment or device at functional operating status rather than to improve that building system, equipment, or device and/or to compensate for wear and tear.

Examples are light bulb, ceiling tile, or belt replacements, or heating unit adjustments. Generally, these items are most appropriately managed by the work order process. Requests for building alterations or for items needing renovation or new construction should be referred to the Executive Director, Director of OFS and/or Facilities Planning.

Work Order Priorities

Maintaining the infrastructure, buildings, and grounds of the Southern University - Baton Rouge campus is an enormous task. We receive roughly 5000+ work requests every year. In order to give appropriate attention to all requests, our work control center personnel, technical workers, and managers assign each work order one of three priority levels based on the stated need for the work.  The potential impact and overall resources involved in completing the work is relative to the urgency of the request when compared to other outstanding requests.

  • PRIORITY I  Emergency. This work is required to provide or restore adequate service to a facility, to eliminate hazards to life or health, or to protect valuable property from imminent damage. Examples are an electrical power failure, a break in a water line, an overflowing toilet, a failure in the campus heating system, or broken windows. These requests take precedence over all other requests.
  • PRIORITY II  Urgent. This is work demanding prompt attention to supplement emergency repairs or to prevent a subsequent emergency. This work is required to prevent or correct a breakdown of essential operations or to improve the operating performance of a necessary system-for example, malfunctioning heating, cooling, plumbing (continuously running toilets), electrical and elevator systems, and problems affecting the security of facilities.  Also, there is date-sensitive work that is required to prepare for or to accommodate University-sponsored and calendar scheduled events require advance planning, cooperation between trades, with extensive communication and preparation with the customer. Examples are table and chair set-ups for one-time events, athletic field preparation for scheduled games, and graduation ceremony preparations.
  • PRIORITY III  Routine/Scheduled. This is work that is required to continue the successful operation or prevent further degradation of the facility, facility subsystem, or general campus infrastructure. Routine work can take several weeks to several months, depending on the nature of the work, parts availability and the technical trade involved. Examples are repairing or replacing door hardware; patching and repainting; checking, inspecting, and servicing that does not immediately threaten the accomplishment of the University mission.  Examples include bulletin board installation, construction of large file storage systems, shelving installation, clock and picture hanging.

Facilities Services' ability to accomplish Priority I work depends on the availability of funds and manpower required to complete the request. Priority II and III requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis; we will let you know if a particular request cannot be met because of high costs or personnel requirements.

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