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How to Use Password Station


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Choosing A Password

Your new password has to conform to the password requirements. Listed below are the rules:
1. Password must have at least 8 characters.
2. Password must contain:

  • at least one 1 number (0,1,2,........9)
  • at least one 1 UPPERCASE LETTER (A,B,C,.......Z)
  • at least one 1 lowercase letter (a,b,........x,y,z)
  • at least one 1 special character (@,!,#,&,^,&,*)

3. Password cannot contain:

  • No sequences of 3 chars of your username
  • No palindromes (e.g. Radar, Bob)
  • No part of your full name
  • No repeating pattern of 3 characters greater than or equal to length (e.g. atat, qwerqwer)
  • No sequences of 1 letters or numbers greater than length
  • Not proper names (e.g. Mary, Thomas)
  • No space
  • Do not use dictionary words

4. Passwords must be changed every 30 days. You will receive an email in advance when your password is about to or has expired. 

If you are having problems creating a password, check out the links below:

Using Password Station
To start using the password station click on the icon below and enter your SUNet account username.