Drug & Alcohol Prevention

Drug and Alcohol Prevention

Southern University and A&M College governs the possession, use/consumption, and sale of drugs and alcohol via University policies and Louisiana State Law. The usage of alcohol and drugs can have a devastating effect on the body. Short-term effects of even casual drug use can be noted immediately. While most may view it as non-harmful, even small doses of a drug can have a disastrous impact on the body. But even more alarming are long-term effects that could potentially damage the heart, lungs, muscles, bones or skin

Student violators of drug and alcohol regulations and laws could be subject to University disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, ranging from fines to expulsion, as well as criminal prosecution, ranging from fines to imprisonment. Employees found in violation of drug and alcohol regulations (as outlined in the Handbook of University Personnel) and laws shall be subject to appropriate sanctions and penalties, which may include but are not limited to referral for counseling, written or oral reprimands, suspensions with or without pay, or termination, in accordance with the established rights of the employee, including the right to due process, as well as criminal prosecution, ranging from fines to imprisonment.

Drug & Alcohol Prevention Program - link to PDF


Biennial Program Review

Southern University and A&M College acknowledges its obligation to conduct a biennial review of its compliance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act as well as an administrative review to determine whether the University has fulfilled the aforementioned requirements.  The Office of the Dean of Students/Student Life, as designated by the Chancellor, is responsible for conducting the review and reporting on the findings.


The intention of this document is to meet the legal requirements of conducting a biennial review and also summarize the programs and activities related to alcohol and drug prevention at Southern University and A&M College during the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 academic years. 


2013 – 2015 Biennial Review – link to PDF


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