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Policies and Information


Policies and Information

Traffic and Parking Appeals

Any faculty, staff, or student at Southern University and A&M College may appeal a decision rendered by the University's Traffic and Parking Division of a parking ticket/tow by submitting an appeal form to the Traffic and Parking Division.  An appeal of a parking ticket/tow must be made within seven (7) calendar days from the date it was initially issued/charged via this form only.  Only individuals that have registered their vehicle through the Southern University Traffic and Parking Division are eligible for appeal consideration.

Traffic/Parking Appeals Form

Freshman Automobile Restriction

Southern University and A&M College students residing on campus must have earned at least 24 hours of college credit and maintained a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA in order to receive permission to register an automobile on campus. Southern University and A&M College will consider automobile waivers for extenuating circumstances should a student who is otherwise ineligible to operate an automobile on campus desire special consideration.  Students seeking a waiver for the reasons listed on the application, or other extenuating circumstances, must provide official documentation to validate their reason for an automobile, in addition to the other requirements. 

Freshman Automobile Waiver Request

Conduct Sanction Appeal

The Community Standards Review Board seeks to provide equitable, restorative, and just rulings to ALL Southern University and A&M College students that violate the University's Code of Student Conduct. Students that have been found responsible have the right to appeal a ruling made by the Community Standards Review Board. An appeal must be submitted within 72 hours of the Community Standards Review Board's ruling.

Conduct Sanction Appeal


Student-Athlete Appeals

A student-athlete who wishes to file a formal appeal of a Department of Athletics' decision to cancel or reduce athletically-related financial aid, not to grant permission to contact, or to release a student-athlete under the one-time transfer exception or other transfer residence requirement must appeal to the Athletics Appeal Committee indicating his/her intent to have an appeals hearing.  This committee is facilitated through the Office of the Dean of Students.

Upon initial receipt of a notice of reduction or non-renewal, a student may schedule a meeting with the Director of Athletic Compliance who will verbally describe the appeals process and answers any questions related to it.  Similar to the financial aid appeals process, an aggrieved student with a transfer request may schedule a meeting with the Director of Athletic Compliance to discuss the application of relevant NCAA and SWAC rules to their individual circumstances.  The Office of the Dean of Students will not fulfill such requests. 

Athletic Appeals Form - link to PDF

Meal Plan Exemption Request

For students enrolled and living on campus at Southern University and A&M College, participation in the campus dining program is required. The fee enables students to purchase meals, food, beverage products, and dining services with their personal student identification card.

Meal Plan Exemption Request Form - link to PDF  


Dean of Students Request Form

Students requesting information from the Office of the Dean of Students must submit the required request form. The form must be signed by the student giving the Office permission to release their information.

Dean of Students Request Form – link to PDF 

Absence Notification Request Form

Students seeking to receive class excuses from the Office of the Dean of Students must submit the required form and other requested information.  Class absences ultimately can only be approved by faculty.  Notification of absences by the Office of the Dean of Students is intended to provide students a method of relaying documented information to their respective faculty.

Absence Notification Request Form - link to PDF 

Student Contact Due to an Emergency

Southern University and A&M College personnel will attempt to locate a student in the event of an emergency, such as death, serious illness, or accident occurs involving a student's immediate family member.  University personnel can also attempt to reach a student's emergency contact if warranted by medical/safety professionals. 

University Lost and Found

The Division for Student Affairs is the official depository for lost and found student identification (ID) cards as well as other lost and found items on the Southern University and A&M College.  Lost and found items are only kept for one semester, the semester to which the items were turned in.  All lost Southern University ID cards are surrendered to the ID section at the end of each semester.  For more information, please visit Suite 213 of the Smith-Brown Memorial Student Union or call (225) 771-3922

Constitution Day: Honoring our Founders legacy

On September 17, 1787, the final draft of the United States Constitution was signed by 39 delegates. The document was then sent to the states for ratification and went into effect on June 21, 1788, when New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution.

Constitution day information and resources:

Educate yourself on our freedom, read the constitution:

United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, and amendments