Faculty and Staff

Program in World Languages

358 T.T. allain

(225) 771-3030


Dr. Thomas Miller, Program Leader

Associate Professor of French and German

Office: 358 T.T. Allain

Phone: (225) 771-2986

Email: thomas.miller@sus.edu


Dr. Fatima Chajia

Assistant Professor of French

Office: 359 T.T. Allain

Phone: (225) 771-2997

Email: Fatima_Chajia@subr.edu


Ms. Amna Salameh

Adjunct Instructor of Arabic

Office: 326B T.T. Allain

Phone: (225) 771-3030



Ms. Carolina Delgado

Instructor of Spanish

Office: 356 T.T. Allain

Phone: (225) 771-3030

Email: carolina.delgado@sus.edu


Dr. Mehtap Kandara

Adjunct Instructor of Turkish

Office: 357 T.T. Allain

Phone: (225) 771-3030

Email: mehtap.kandara@sus.edu


Dr. Linda Lassiter

Adjunct Prof. of French and Spanish/ Chair (2003-2011)

Office: 357 T.T. Allain

Phone: (225) 771-2821

Email: linda.lassiter@sus.edu


Mr. Sheldon Lotten

Adjunct Professor of Spanish

Office: 334 T.T Allain

Phone: (225) 771-2821

Email: sheldon_lotten@subr.edu


Dr. Claudia Martinez

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Office: 334 T.T. Allain

Phone: (225) 771-4583

Email: claudia.martinez@sus.edu



Ms. Sylvia Olwochi

Adjunct Instructor of Swahili

Office 355 T.T. Allain

Phone: (225) 771-3030

Email: sylvia.olwochi@sus.edu


Ms.Lilian Arroyave-Salazar

Adjunct Professor of Spanish

Office: 320-A T.T Allain

Phone: (225) 771-3030

Email: lillian.arroyave@sus.edu


Ms. Latasha Valenzuela

Adjunct Professor of French/Spanish

Phone: (225) 771-3030

Email: latasha.valenzuel@sus.edu

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