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Writing Den Policies

General Policies

  • All appointments will consist of 30-minute sessions, allowing the tutor time to become familiar with writing assignment followed by discussion. 
  • Students who arrive 5 minutes late (or more) for a scheduled appointment may find their appointment cancelled.  At this point, the student will need to reschedule a session or wait for the next available tutor. 
  • Writing tutors will not mark or write on student drafts.  Instead, tutor feedback will be recorded on separate commentary sheets. 
  • Tutorial sessions will be student-centered.  This means they will largely be guided by conversations about writing and the writing process. Tutors will prompt the student with questions and use the answers to tailor the session to the needs and skill level of the student.
  • Tutorial sessions will not be grammar-focused.  Students may ask about patterns of grammar errors; however, tutors will not focus on grammar as to avoid editing or proofreading papers. 
  • Tutorial sessions do not guarantee a particular grade for any draft nor will the tutor discuss grade or evaluation of any kind.  The student should consult with his/her instructor concerning grades.
  • the student should bring the assignment/prompt and a current draft to the tutorial session.  The student may also bring notes, earlier drafts, or instructor comments that might be helpful.  
  • The student is responsible for identifying the type of conference and specific concerns that he/she wishes to address in their session. The student should only choose one conference type.
  • Students may not drop off papers.  They are required to take an active role and be engaged in a discussion with tutors.
  • The Writing Den printer is not for open or public use. Students must print papers before arriving at the center whenever possible.  
  • Individual students who wish to study in the Writing Den or are waiting for an appointment may use the space if they do not disturb other students. Free use of Writing Den space is also contingent upon availability of that space.
  • Writing Tutors are not subject-matter experts, and should not be expected to know the subject of any given paper. 
  • Writing Den Tutors will not assist students with grammar or reading exercises, essays only.
  • Referrals to the writing center are at the discretion of individual instructors.  

Scheduling Policies

  • When signing up for an appointment, please assure that you do not select your class instructor as your tutor.  If that is the case, please choose a time with another tutor. 
  • Students may schedule up to three sessions a week; however, those sessions must be scheduled 24 hours apart from each other.  Back-to-back sessions are not permitted.  
  • Student drafts should illustrate significant revision between sessions. 
  • Students should schedule sessions prior to their paper due dates.  
  • In person walk-ins will be seen on a first come, first served basis.  Walk-ins are contingent upon Tutor availability. However, please note that students with appointments will be given priority.
  • *Note: Tutorial sessions will be conducted via Teams/Zoom in light of COVID-19 safety restrictions.

Scheduling Policies (Virtual) 

  • Virtual sessions should be scheduled no less than 24 hours in advance of the meeting. 
  • Please be sure to send your draft to your session tutor via email at least one hour before your consultation. 
  • A meeting link will be sent via email to confirm the appointment. 
  • The student should join the meeting on time, if not early. 
  • In case of technical trouble, the student should email the session tutor immediately and reschedule the appointment if needed.