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RRIUP Research and Training

Research and Training

R1 - The effect of counselor-consumer ethnicity matches on acceptance rates and differential service patterns among culturally diverse VR applicants. Abstract

R2 - Factors influencing working alliance between counselors and consumers in VR. Abstract

R3 - The factors influencing counselor attitudes toward minorities in the initial interview and the subsequent VR process and how these factors can be used to train counselors to heighten their awareness of cultural biases and to train consumers from minority background to modify counselor behaviors.

Part 1 - Systems approach to placement Abstract

Part 2 - Psychosocial factors of return to work Abstract

Part 3 - The health action process approach as health promotion model for people with disabilities from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds: A causal model Abstract

Part 4 - Career readiness in adult survivors of childhood brain tumor Abstract

Part 5 - Demand-side employment research: Perceptions of employers toward hiring and retaining people with psychiatric disabilities Abstract

R4 - The systematic differences in perception of disability and rehabilitation research among scholars of diverse ethnic backgrounds and factors that encourage them to pursue a career in this discipline.  Abstract

T1 - Work alliance development: A training package will be developed based on a comprehensive review of the multicultural counseling and vocational rehabilitation literature, information generated by Research 1 and Research 2, and the practical clinical instruments developed as the outcome of RRIUP.  The proposed training package will consist of pre-training activities and training workshop.

T2 - Summer Research Institutes

T3 - Mentoring Initiative: Intensive and on-going one-on-one mentoring initiatives will be conducted to educate minority faculty-scholars and students on the intricacies of vocational rehabilitation research with culturally diverse groups. The candidates will be selected on the basis of their educational and work experiences, letters of recommendation, statement of interest and long-term goal, and telephone interview. A total of 5 faculty-scholars and 10 students will be selected annually and paired for a year with a nationally reputed VR researcher/mentor.

List of Rehabilitation Research Mentors

T4 - NIDRR Grant Writing and Advanced Statistical Analysis Workshop: An annual three-day grant writing and technical assistance workshop will be held in Houston, TX. It will be attended by selected faculty and graduate students of diverse ethnicity, especially those with disabilities and representatives of minority institutions. One of the criteria for selection will be submission of a written commitment by the university/college administration to apply for NIDRR discretionary grant(s).