Louisiana Grants

Louisiana TOPS Program

TOPS is the Tuition Opportunity Program for Students that provides Louisiana high school graduates meeting specific eligibility requirements with a scholarship if they choose to attend a Louisiana public college or university. Apply for TOPS using the FAFSA.


Fall Tuition Award $2,486.55 $2,486.55 $2,486.55
Fall Tuition Stipend $0.00 $200.00 $400.00
Fall Semester Total $2,486.55 $2,686.55 $2,886.55
Spring Tuition Award $2,486.55 $2,486.55 $2,486.55
Spring Tuition Stipend $0.00 $200.00 $400.00
Spring Semester Total $2,486.55 $2,686.55 $2,886.55
TOTAL FOR 2019-20 ACADEMIC YEAR $4,973.10 $5,373.10 $5,773.10

Initial Eligibility

Each year, the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA) evaluates the records of all Louisiana high school graduates, whose parents are also Louisiana residents. Eligibility is determined through high school transcripts and student ACT scores. High school graduates with:

  • 5 GPA on the TOPS Core Curriculum
  • Composite score of 20 on the ACT
  • Completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

LOSFA notifies high school graduates of their eligibility during the summer following their high school graduation.


Continued Eligibility

The Financial Aid Office recommends all students receiving TOPS renew their FAFSA every year.

  • Students must be enrolled for full-time hours on the 15th day of class to receive payment for TOPS for that semester. You can be paid if you are less than full-time under special circumstances. You should check with the Scholarship Coordinator before assuming you will be paid for less than full-time enrollment.
  • Students must earn 24 credit hours each year (Fall//Spring/Summer) and maintain the required GPA for their TOPS Award.
  • GPA minimum 2.0 cumulative at the end of each fall, intersession or summer semester

The following GPA’s will be checked at the end of each Spring semester:

Opportunity Recipient

Below 24 hours earned

2.3 GPA

Opportunity Recipient with 24+ hours earned

2.5 GPA

Performance and Honors Recipients

3.0 GPA


This scholarship is available through the LOSFA (Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance). 

For more information about the TOPS program, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid.


Louisiana "Go Grant" Program 





Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a Louisiana Go Grant, a student MUST:

  • Be a Louisiana Resident;*
  • File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA);
  • Receive a federal Pell grant (in the same semester as the Go Grant);
  • Have remaining financial need after deducting Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and all federal/state/institutional grant or scholarship aid ("gift aid") from student's Cost of Attendance (COA);
  • Be enrolled as a regular student enrolled in an eligible program on at least a halftime basis (minimum 6 hours)
  • Be meeting SUBR's Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements for receipt of Title IV aid; or be approved through the Appeals Process

Award Amounts

Award amounts to eligible students are based on the institution's allocation and their packaging policy. The number of students awarded varies each academic year due to limited funding for the Louisiana Go Grant.  All eligible students will not receive this grant, students are awarded in priority of the packaging policy listed below. Student Awards will not be paid for summer sessions, quarters or terms.   

Maximum and minimum annual award amounts for the 2021-2022 Academic Year:

  • Maximum Annual Award $3000
  • Minimum Annual Award  $1500

SUBR will award the Max. Annual Award ($3000) to students enrolled in twelve (12) or more hours. Students with less than six (6) hours are not eligible for disbursement. Disbursement amounts to students with less than twelve (12), but greater than five (5) enrolled hours will receive a maximum amount of $750 per term/$1,500 per year.



Award Calculations

Southern University and A&M College will make a good faith effort to distribute LA Go Grant funding in a manner that reaches students with the most financial need to bring their maximum financial need met with gift aid to 60%.


COA = $17,500

EFC = $1,500

Need= $16,000


Examples of gift aid include Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, TOPS, TOPS stipends and institutional scholarships.



Southern University and Agricultural & Mechanical College will package LA Go Grant awards in accordance with the following provisions:.

  • Priority will be given to students who are 25 years or older;
  • Eligibility for and awards to transfer and re-entering students will be made on the same basis as continuing students;
  • SUBR will award LA Go Grant funding in a manner that allows the institution the opportunity to reach and assist the largest population of its "Needy" students.
  • For the 2021-2022 the CARES Act funding provided directly to students shall be excluded from this calculation.

Awards will be made until all allocated funds have been exhausted.


Renewal Requirements

  • Must file a FAFSA or the Renewal FAFSA at least annually
  • Continue receiving a Federal Pell Grant
  • Have remaining financial need after deducting Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and all federal/state/institutional grant or scholarship aid ("gift aid") from student's Cost of Attendance (COA);
  • The award can be renewed for subsequent years to a maximum Lifetime award that correlates to that of the Federal Pell Grant.


Residency:  Louisiana resident as of the day the FAFSA is filed and Louisiana is the student's true and fixed domicile as reported on the FAFSA. If student's state of residence on the FAFSA is not reported as LA, but a dependent student claims that a non-custodial parent is a Louisiana resident, or whose parents are Louisiana residents living out of state, LOSFA will determine residency based on the completion, by the parents, of a residency affidavit.


For additional information on the LA Go Grant and other State Aid Programs, please visit www.osfa.state.la.gov.


Louisiana National Guard Program

  • Up to full Louisiana tuition/fees.
  • Open to Louisiana residents after one full year of service in the
  • Louisiana National Guard as an enlisted person or company grade officer up to the rank of captain.

     Apply through your local Louisiana National Guard Recruiting Officer.

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