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Federal Work Study


Eligible students can work up to 20 hours per week during class sessions. Work hours must be outside a student's scheduled class times. Students are paid $10 an hour, and hours may be arranged to accommodate the student's class schedule. Students can apply for jobs around campus. The Office of Student Financial Aid does not participate in job placement, and federal work-study is not guaranteed. A student must utilize JobX to apply for jobs.

Introducing JobX! 

JobX ( is our new one-stop shop for managing student employment experience. 

See JobX - Student Employee Training below:

Please note that students should not start work until they have received a hire email notification from JobX.


** If a student tuition payroll deduction is needed, please follow the process outlined in the Human Resources webpage's Payroll Deduction and Fee Waiver tab.

** Students can find additional instructions for paying student fees here.



Introducing JobX! 

JobX ( is our new student employment platform for posting jobs, managing applications, and hiring students.

See below for information and navigation assistance regarding:

  • Accessing JobX 
  • Creating a Job Posting
  • Modifying a Job Posting
  • Reviewing and Hiring Applicants
  • Declining Applicants 


JobX Supervisor Training

TimesheetX Supervisor Training


Hire Dates:

  • Summer 2024 hires can now be entered. Start and end dates must fall between 06/03/2024 and 08/02/2024.
  • Fall 2024 hires can be entered beginning 07/01/2024. They require a separate hire.
    • Southern University Start and End Date:
      • Start date no earlier than 08/19/2024 an end date no later than 05/16/2025.
    • Southern University Law Center Start and End Date:
      • Start date no earlier than 08/13/2024 and End Date no later than 05/10/2025


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I do not have access to JobX/TimesheetX. What should I do?

A: Please request access from the JobX Employer page. If you supervise students in multiple departments, please leave a note indicating your department affiliation(s) on the access form. 

Q: If I know who to hire, do I still have to list the job publicly?

A: You must create the job in JobX, however you can place it in “review mode” which will prevent job-seekers from viewing and applying to the position. You can then hire your students as a “walk-in” hire.

Q: If I have to hire 10 of my students, do I have to create 10 jobs, or would it be one job with 10 open positions?

A: You would create one job and hire 10 students for that job.

Q: Will this system still be bi-weekly? Will we receive reminders?

A: Yes, students will be paid according to the bi-weekly payroll schedule. Payroll deadline reminders will be sent to supervisors and students.

Q: Will Federal Work-Study (FWS) status and balance be available in the new system?

A: Yes - student FWS eligibility and award information is available in TimesheetX.

Q: Is the new JobX and TimesheetX system connected to BANNER?

A: No, they are not connected. Beginning in the Summer of 2024, all students must be hired through the JobX system and time recorded in the TimesheetX system.

Q: Are students previously working in BANNER automatically hired into JobX/TimesheetX?

A: No, you must create a new job in JobX and hire the student into TimesheetX. This is primarily due to converting all students to the bi-weekly payroll and adhering to the FLSA requirements.

Q: How far in the past can hours be input? 

A: Hours may be entered according to the job start date. For example, a student job starting September 1 would be accessible for a supervisor to approve hours as far back as September 1.

Q: Can I enter time on behalf of student employees?

A: This is highly discouraged. Students will be accustomed to entering their time in TimesheetX and must be specific about the hours worked. For example, they must enter 12:00-2:00 pm, not just a generic 2 hours worked.  Entering hours on behalf of students creates unnecessary work for supervisors and introduces possible timekeeping errors.


Q: What does the approval flow look like for getting students paid?

A:  There is only one level of approval in TimesheetX.  Each job can have one primary supervisor and multiple secondary supervisors. Anyone with primary or secondary supervisor access to a job can approve time in TimesheetX, which will be included in the next Payroll run.


Q: What should I do if my department is not listed in the employer drop-down?

A: Email and request the addition.


Direct Deposit Form

Federal Work-Study Program Frequently Asked Questions (.pdf)

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