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Program Overview


Everyone is impacted by the policy. For every problem, there is a solution. How the solution is devised, shared, interpreted, implemented, how it is paid for, who is impacted by it, and the outcomes are all components of public policy. These two introductory statements are the genesis of public policy and its multi-discipline genre. Whether an individual works or aspires to work in education, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, for the government, in corporate America, or for self, public policy is essential to advancement and success. This is the only program that benefits a multitude of professions. Whether the policies impact staff, the local community, a population within the community, the state, the nation, or the world, they must be devised properly and intentionally using a systematic method to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved and federal, state, and sometimes local compliance is implicit in the planning. To this end, no matter who you are, where you work, or what you do, public policy impacts you. Why not specialize in devising the solutions?


  • Earn your doctoral degree in two years
  • Weekend classes (One weekend per month for 24 months.)
  • Affordable

This is the first weekend-only doctoral program in the state of Louisiana. 

The GRE is waived and the flat fee applies to all students of this program.  


$44,404 Total* ($22,202 per academic year)**

$8,734 (each Fall and Spring semester | 4 total)**

$4,734 (each Summer semester | 2 total)**


Fees include course instruction, learning space, lodging, and meals on the weekends. The all-inclusive fees are not negotiable or adjustable. Regardless of your domicile, lodging and meals are included for the weekends that classes are scheduled. Fee exclusions include but are not limited to transportation, individual computers, laptops, tablets, software, parking fees, travel costs, graduation fees, and textbooks.

The University reserves the right to adjust tuition costs and add additional days to instruction that may not be on the weekends to ensure adequate instruction time is offered to all program participants.  

*The costs listed are approximated and contingent upon the student's commitment and success.  If the student is unsuccessful in passing the courses as prescribed in the designed plan of study and maintaining on track with his/her cohort additional costs may be incurred.  The fee posted is based on the successful completion as designed.

**The tuition listed is exclusive of out-of-state fees for non-Louisiana residents. This means out-of-state fees will be added to all students that are not residents of the state of Louisiana. 

***In person attendance is MANDATORY.  The program is accelerated pace and has a prescriptive curriculum which demands in person attendance to weekend classes.  The program reserves the right to dismiss any student that does not attend at least 80% of the class sessions during the academic year.

Contact Us

Location:                   Higgins 410 (4th Floor) | Dean’s Office Phone:       
                                 (225) 771-3092


Contact:                    Charmaine Williams  

                                 Juliette Williams