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About SGA

About Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the largest student organization on campus. This organization acts as the primary student representative organization.  This organization gives students an opportunity to both learn and serve their fellow students. Several of the university's most recognized alumni have served in this fine organization. The Student Government Association will have three branches which include the following:

Executive Branch

The  Executive  Branch  consists of the SGA President, the Vice President, executive  officers, along  with  the following departments: Department of Activities; Department of Communications; Department of Finance; Department of Recruitment. The SGA President as well as Vice-President are elected officials that the student body votes on during the Spring semester. Each department consists of a director, assistant director, and committee chairs.  Students  are  encouraged  to  apply. Positions are confirmed by a senate approval vote. ALL SGA OFFICIALS must maintain a 2.5 GPA. Each class president appoints class cabinet officers and officials are expected to follow the same guidelines.


Legislative Branch
The Legislative Branch is largely composed of the Senate and they are under the direction of the SGA Vice-President as senate president. The Senate is made up of five senators elected from each class plus one from the international student association. In the event that there is no international senator, five senators from each class (20) will be the full senate. Among the senate, they will elect a Senate Pro-Tempore, Senate secretary, and Senate parliamentarian as well as five standing committees. The committees within the Senate will legislate over student, government, athletic, academic, administrative, and financial affairs. The main purpose of the Senate is to secure the protection of the student's rights and to preserve academic freedom and responsibility. Senate meetings occur bi-monthly and the attendance of students is welcomed.

Judicial Branch
The Judicial Branch is the interpretive branch of government  who has jurisdiction over any infractions that goes against students' rights or the SGA Constitution. All judicial authority is composed of (9) justices: two from each class plus the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice is elected during the Spring semester as well as six of the justices from the sophomore, junior, and senior class. The freshmen justices are elected during the Fall semester. If  an  upperclassmen  justice position is not filled by the start of the Fall semester then one will be elected by his or her classmates during the Fall elections. In  the  event  that  a  position becomes vacant then the respective president  of  that  class  will  be  able  to appoint a replacement will have to be approved by the Senate.